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14% Off on Bose Music Amplifier

Bose Music Amplifier

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While there are tons of music amplifiers, it is not easy to find something with full-fledged wireless connectivity and decent performance. 

Best Value
Bose Music Amplifier

Power your passive speakers and connect the Bose Music Amplifier over Wi-Fi so you can stream all your favorites, from playlists to podcasts, easily from your phone.

And even if you find one, you will surely be shocked after looking at the price tag. Well, the case is not the same for this 14% deal on the Bose Music Amplifier.

But just because it is currently on sale for a reasonably low price, it doesn’t mean that the music amplifier offers cheap performance. In fact, the story is different! 

Bose Music Amplifier
Source: Bose

First of all, the amplifier comes with a proprietary signal processing technology. That technology allows the amplifier to adjust the tonal balance automatically when you change the volume.

So, rest assured; you will get a lifelike sound from the Bose Music Amplifier. And the case will be the same for the vocal clarity level. It will be exceptionally high. What about wireless connectivity? 

The Bose Music Amplifier can power your passive speakers over Bluetooth and WiFi. That means you will face no limitations on streaming all your favorite tracks wirelessly. 

Bose Music Amplifier
Source: Bose

And as it can maintain a stable Bluetooth connection, the music playback will not face any degradation as long as the amplifier is within 30 feet of the connected device.

On the note of streaming music, you will have full access to music services. You can play your favorite tracks and playlists on WiFi through the Bose Music App

You have the option to play them through Apple AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect as well. And if you want to, you can use the Chromecast built-in option.

Bose Music Amplifier
Source: Bose

You will even get the most optimal sound-listening experience on the Bose Music Amplifier. There is a custom EQ that will deliver you a clear and well-balanced sound. 

The amplifier makes no compromise on the sound department! To be exact, the EQ is so great that you will get a great listening experience on outdoor speakers!

Want to connect your TV to the Bose Music Amplifier? There is an option to do that too! You will find aux inputs on the device, enabling you to make wired connections with devices easily.

Bose Music Amplifier
Source: Bose

Wondering what the output power level is like? The amplifier can power up passive speakers with 125 watts per channel. That means the amplifier has broad compatibility regarding which speakers it can connect to.

Overall, this deal on Bose Music Amplifier is a must-have if you want to upgrade your music-listening experience for cheap. In fact, you might not find a better amplifier within this price range. So, do not let this deal go out of hand!

Bose Music Amplifier – Speaker amp with Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity
Bose Music Amplifier

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