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4K TV Demand Saw a Steady Growth in 2022: Latest Report

4K TV Demand in 2022

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The global 4K TV report of 2022 is here and it shows that the market saw strong growth in terms of demand. 

That means that the industry is sure to focus more on these TV models in the future. So, you can expect to see more innovative 4K models soon.

Are you wondering what factors made the 4K TV models see growth? Well, for that, you need to take a look at the market a little bit closer. And it’s not just the sales of the 4K models. 

4K TV Demand in 2022
50-inch 4K-Smart TV; Source: LG

It also includes TV-related services by entities that are required to provide a pristine picture-watching experience.

Not to mention that some crucial performance factors, such as immersive experience and higher field of view, contributed to the higher sales of 4K TV models last year. 

And considering that the major players are constantly pushing the limits of the TV panels, more and more customers are upgrading their entertainment system by shifting from 1080p TVs to 4K TVs.

4K TV Demand in 2022
65-Inch LED 4K UHD TV; Source: LG

Want to know who those major players are? According to the report, the major players in the 4K market include Haier Group Corporation, Samsung, Panasonic Holdings Corporation, Sharp Corporation, LG Corporation, Sony Group Corporation, and Vu Televisions.

What about the screen size? The 4K TV models that are currently available offer multiple options in that regard. But among them, the most common ones are below 52 inches. 

The ones that are between 52 to 65 inches are moderately common, while the ones that are 65 inches and above are less common among consumers.

4K TV Demand in 2022
50-inch 4K-Smart TV; Source: LG

There is a good reason why TVs that are below 52 inches have gained popularity. They are compact enough to fit into smaller spaces. 

Not to mention that they are perfect for bedrooms of small apartments that people have started to live in these days.

Nonetheless, all the screen sizes saw improvements in the display technology. And the report says that the technologies involved in the 4K TV models are IPS, OLED, LCD, and quantum dot.

4K TV Demand in 2022
QA85Q60BAKXXM; Source: Samsung

Furthermore, the report gave us insight into the size of the market depending on the region. The North American market was the largest in terms of size. 

The report also includes information on other regions. That includes Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North South America, Africa, the Middle East, and others.

Moreover, the report suggests that the demand for UHD technology devices is expected to drive the growth of the 4K TV market in the future. 

That means we will see more innovations in the 4K TVs that the market has to bring in the upcoming days.

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