A Great 30% Deal on HP X27q for Better Gaming Experience!

HP X27q Deal

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Are you still gaming on a 1080p 60 Hz panel? You are missing out on a lot. If you have the capable setup, you are not experiencing what it can actually offer. 

Best Value
HP 27-inch QHD Gaming Monitor

HP is innovating new ways to reduce the amount of materials in our packaging and to use more recycled materials in the design

And if you were holding off on getting a great monitor for not having a high budget, this 30% deal on the HP X27q is what you have been waiting for! In short, the X27q from HP is an all-rounder. 

First of all, as the model number suggests, the panel is 27 inches large. And this will do a proper job of offering you an immersive gaming experience.

HP X27q Deal
Source: HP

Now, even though the panel is relatively large, it does not fail to offer you crisp images. The screen’s resolution is QHD, allowing you to enjoy high-definition and ultra-sharp details in every picture. 

And in case you are wondering, it offers a total of 3.7 million pixels. In comparison, the QHD resolution of the HP X27q is much better than the 1080p FHD resolution that most gaming monitors come with. 

So, basically, you will be signing up to get a monitor that will transform all your content for a remarkable entertainment experience.

HP X27q Deal
Source: HP

What about gaming-specific features? Well, the HP X27q has plenty of them! There’s AMD FreeSync Premium, which will ensure low framerate compensation and super low latency in games. You will be ahead of your opponents in competitive games.

And let’s not forget to mention the refresh rate of the monitor. The HP X27q supports up to 165Hz of refresh rate. That means all the fast-paced games will feel buttery smooth.

That refresh rate will even work like a charm in enhancing your entertainment experience. Movies and motions will seem lifelike. 

HP X27q Deal
Source: HP

And as the panel can go up to 400 nits in terms of brightness, you will be amazed at the bright and colorful images that it can offer. 

Also, the screen is HDR 400 certified. That certification will enhance your viewing experience even further.

You will be surprised to know that this monitor cares about your eye health. HP has integrated Eye Ease with EyeSafe certification, which filters out high-energy blue light. 

HP X27q Deal
Source: HP

Thanks to this, you can comfortably game for hours without putting any strain on your eyes. Finally, the HP X27q offers a good amount of flexibility regarding setup. 

The monitor is VESA compatible, meaning you can install it the way you want. And the monitor also comes with an adjustable stand. You can pivot and tilt the monitor according to your preference. These customizations will let you game precisely how you want to!

HP 27-inch QHD Gaming with Tilt/Height Adjustment with AMD FreeSync Premium Technology (X27q, 2021 model)
HP 27-inch QHD Gaming Monitor

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