Abode Security App 5.0 Beta Preview

Abode App Preview 5.0 Screenshot

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Abode did something surprising this week. They announced they have a brand new 5.0 smartphone App coming out for customers to control their Abode Security System and also manage the smart home automation via the abode hub and iota systems.

This is a really welcome update as the smartphone apps are now developed natively on each major platform – iOS and Android.

Previously the abode app suffered from slow performance and a battery-draining geolocation feature. The new abode 5.0 beta app puts a big farewell on the problems of the reliable but tired previous app and ushers in a completely new user interface design.

The new-look is not dissimilar to the Apple Homekit design with the use of attractive panels to control your smart devices and manage your home security.

Abode App 5.0 Beta Dashboard Screenshot

The dashboard is a welcome update with a selection of quick actions close at hand and video previews to get fast visuals on your property.

New standout features include:

  • Improved speed
  • Reduced battery consumption for background geolocation services
  • Faster access to Quick Actions
  • Ability to run CUE automation as Quick Actions
  • Significantly improved UI and overall design
  • Ability to action all administration from the app (previously users needed to access seom features via the website login)

What stands out about this beta release is that above made it available to any customers using the test pilot app from Apple. This is a great way to engage a community and get valuable feedback on new features and functionality.

We’ve done a walkthrough of the new app. As mentioned this is in beta still but you will be able to see all the main features and how the new design is looking.

You can see more on the abobe security system on their website or on amazon.com

Abode Website: https://goabode.com
Amazon.com: https://amzn.to/332OCtc

Abode Security App Version 5.0 Beta Walkthrough

Source: Make Life Click – Abode App Beta 5.0 Preview

You can see the official update information from Abode below.


About the Abode Security System

Abode is an affordable DIY Home Security system that offers back to base monitoring plans. It includes Zigbee, Z-Wave and Wifi smart home features in addition to its proprietary home security functionality.

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