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abode security updates it’s google assistant integration

Abode security Google Assistant integration update

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abode security is just great, sounds a bit obvious, but it really is one of the best smart home security systems available. It integrates via voice with google home and amazon Alexa which is also great, but integrations with these kinds of hardware/ smart home devices with smart assistants can be…a bit of a drama. Good news is the solution for this partnership is complete.

If you haven’t looked at the Abode Security System (also acts as a Smart Home Hub) you should. We love ours and a full review is brewing.

Abode Google Assistant Update
Abode security & Google Home – a match made in heaven.

So, let me illustrate why these integration are often challenging.

I’ll set the scene:

me – “Hey, Google – is the garage door closed”…
Google – “I’m sorry but that device is not set up yet”
me (now enunciating very well) – “Hey, Google – is the garage door open?”
Google – “I’m sorry, that device has not been set up yet”.


me – “Alexa, is the garage door locked”
Alexa – “I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you mean”

Insert expletives here.

So you can get Alexa Skills for the echo and can link your devices to Google Home but there is always a limitation, like you can do some things with the device but not all things the device is capable of. Alexa is the worst so don’t get me started about Skills – that’s another post.

The good news is abode home security have just announced a complete integration with google assistant and it’s really good. It has always had the integration but it was thin, now it feels natural and native.

Formerly you could verbally ask for actions on:

  • Lighting (On/Off) – bulbs etc
  • Switches – lighting etc
  • Plugs – (On/Off) smart switches like Aeotec switches I have integrated.

Now it seems you can control everything that abode can control:

  • Arm and Disarm abode – Hey Google, set Abode to Away (or home). To disarm google assistant will say “Sure, can I have your 4 digit pin code”.
  • Locks
  • Cameras
  • Door and Window sensors
  • Garage door openers
  • All the things in the first list too.

It will be nice to say, “Hey Google, is the bedroom window open?“, this and other ‘can’t be arsed to get up and go check for myself’. Thanks Abode, another reason we love you.

This is one I tried today as I was driving home. I was wondering if my wife was home already from soccer practice, the easiest way to tell was to see if abode was set to standby. So I asked google in the car what the abode alarm status was.

abode home security integration with google assistant - asking what the abode alarm status is.
Asking Google Assistant what the abode alarm status is.

Another benefit is that is an integration with google assistant, so it works where ever you have google assistant – phone, car, chrome, google home etc. it’s not limited to a home device. I can be approaching home as ask assistant on my phone to open my garage door (with PIN) and it it works.

As it is with our tailwind garage door opener (integrated with Abode via IFTTT, just what we went for), Google will ask you for a code to disarm your alarm system, unlock doors etc but that’s a good thing.

I visualize getting locked out one day and pressing my face to the window of my house shouting at Google to disarm my alarm and open my garage door, giving my pin code to the neighbourhood at full voice. 

You laugh…one day I can picture it happening.

Endless hours of experimentation, professional work, and personal investment in Home Theatre, Hi-Fi, Smart Home Automation and Headphones have come to this.

Former owner of Headphones Canada, a high-end headphone specialty retailer.

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