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Adidas Joins the Solar-Power Gang with Self-Charging!


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One of the hassles regarding using wireless headphones is that you need to worry about recharging the battery. That is why brands like Urbanista came up with innovative wireless headphones that take charge while you are out in the sun. 

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The model of that specific headphone was Los Angeles, which gained quite a lot of attention after being released. And it seems like Adidas has decided to follow in the same footsteps as Urbanista. 

They are here with RPT-02 Sol, which, again, will resolve the charging issues that many wireless headphone users face from time to time.

Source: adidas Headphones

This pair of headphones from Adidas does not need direct sunlight. The built-in tech is capable of putting juice inside the battery from artificial light as well. That means you will be capable of recharging the wireless headphones while you are indoors.

So, how did Adidas manage to come up with such a tech? The brand has partnered with Exeger, a Swedish solar technology innovator. 

The solar circuitry, which goes by the name of Powerfoyle, is integrated right onto the headband. And this placement allows the tech to get maximum exposure to light when you are wearing the headphones.

Source: adidas Headphones

On that note, Powerfoyle is a light-cell material. It harvests energy from both artificial and natural light. 

And according to the innovators, it is the “most resilient solar-cell technology in the world.” But as stated earlier, these headphones from Adidas are not the only ones with such tech. Urbanista had the same Powerfoyle in their Los Angeles.

However, the RPT-02 Sol is the first one to be focusing on being a sports-centric wireless headphone. There are other things that make the RPT-02 Sol stand out as well. 

For example, the Urbanista Los Angeles had only 50 hours of run time. But this headphone from Adidas can offer up to 80 hours of playback.

Source: adidas Headphones

That said, there is no description of how much light is required to get appropriate battery life. However, if you take a look at the information from the Urbanista pair, they stated that an hour of sunlight could generate up to three hours of runtime. 

And during cloudy conditions, the Urbanista pair offered up to two hours of playtime. Another thing about the pair from Adidas is that it has a light indicator. 

Source: adidas Headphones

It is on the headband and will help you detect the strongest light source to get the maximum charging efficiency

There is a mobile app present as well. That will let you know all about the battery and charging status. Also, as this is a sporty pair, there is an IPX4 rating. So, there will be no need to worry about sweat and water splashes ruining the internals.

adidas Z.N.E 01 True Wireless Noise Canceling Sports Earbuds
adidas Z.N.E 01 True Wireless Noise Canceling Sports Earbuds

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