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AiDot Cloud Service Reinvents Smart Home Security Systems With the Exquisite AiDot 2K WiFi Cameras

AiDot Cloud Service With AiDot 2K WiFi Cameras

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AiDot Co., Ltd is a premier manufacturer of smart home products. The company’s AiDot Cloud service is among the most sophisticated solutions to advanced home security needs for consumers worldwide.

AiDot 2K WiFi Camera is the main product of the AirDot 18-month Cloud Service, offering premium quality video and 2-way audio at a whopping price of $95.81.

Early bird buyers can expect significant discounts and grab their AiDot 2K WiFi Cam at as low as $39.29 while reaping benefits worth at least three times the price. Woohoo!

AiDot 2K WiFi Camera

Thousands of different home security cameras are available for consumers on local and online markets.

The vast majority of said products have at least one fatal flaw while budget models are famous for their flimsy construction, meticulously difficult setup, poor hardware, dated software, and low video & audio quality.

AiDot is a premier manufacturer and the inventor of the most sophisticated home security systems to date.

The company has released its brand-new 2K Wifi Camera With 2-Way Audio in response to the problems left unsolved by contemporary alternatives. 

Short wireless range, unstable connection, dead camera angles, and inconsistent battery recharge times are a thing of the past, as AiDot’s 2K Camera tackles these challenges with ease. 

2K WiFi Camera with 2-Way Audio, Night Vision for Human or Pet
Camera with 2-Way Audio & Night Vision| AiDot

Main Features of AiDot 2K Camera With 2-Way Audio

As new home security products come and go, AiDot’s 2K Camera is here to stay. To ensure this revolutionary piece of technology is as future-proof as it can be, AiDot equipped it with cutting-edge features that were never before seen in consumer markets.

Its main feature is the 2K High Display video quality, which enables consumers to monitor their homes and surrounding areas with an extra set of eyes that boast pristinely clear vision. 

Two-way audio technology was introduced to help owners of AiDot 2K Camera communicate with visitors effortlessly or tell would-be trespassers that they best try their luck elsewhere. 

AiDot 2K WiFi Camera works with Alexa and boasts powerful AI detection functions, as well as push notifications for pet sitting, transforming the homes they are installed in into truly automated, perfectly secure fortresses. 

The inbuilt Night Vision feature is also a part of AiDot 2K WiFi Camera’s arsenal. Enabling its users to keep watch over their homes remotely around the clock, this function allows the camera’s owner to take preemptive measures in time should they spot a stranger nearby. 

Level up AI Experience
AiDot Cloud Service Reinvents Smart Home Security Systems With the Exquisite AiDot 2K WiFi Cameras 11

AiDot Cloud Service & App: The 1st Smart Analysis Camera Service

AiDot App is available for free download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can easily and quickly connect your AiDot app with other smart devices.

All you need to do is scan your QR code on the App, and it will automatically register all connected smart devices, so simply tap “connect” on the device you want to pair with your AiDot App. 

Innovative Pet Sitting Solutions: To Know Your Loved Cuties Better By Real Data

Worried about what your pet is doing while sitting home alone? You don’t have to worry about that ever again, as AiDot 2K WiFi camera leverages state-of-the-art analytics to not only monitor but understand your pet’s behavior. 

After collecting data on your beloved pet, AiDot will begin to see patterns in movements and preferred sitting spots.

Whenever any movement is detected outside of bounds considered “normal” by the AI, you will receive a notification and can instantly check on your pet with a click of a button.

24h Live Stream
24h Live Stream
Real-time rich notification
Real-time rich notification

Round-the-clock Monitoring: Protect Your House All The Time

To ensure you can rest safely and peacefully, AiDot’s Camera never sleeps. It will monitor your home 24-7 and enable you to instantly watch the area it is monitoring.

Whether it be day or night, it doesn’t matter because this revolutionary camera features cutting-edge Night Vision and offers premium daytime video quality. 

Powerful AI Detections: Human, Pet, Package, and Vehicle Detections Based on AI Algorithms

What makes AiDot’s Camera “smarter” than contemporary home security cameras is its ever-evolving artificial intelligence technology.

By collecting, processing, and using mountains of data, this AI is capable of differentiating between humans, pets, packages, vehicles, and other objects instantly. 

Human Detection
Human Detection
Pet Detection
Pet Detection
Vehicle Detection
Vehicle Detection

About AiDot

AiDot Co., Ltd is a leading home security company on a mission to popularize the use of its groundbreaking inventions through affordable prices and unparalleled quality of products.

Seamless Omni-connection is a pre-requisite for a fully-automated smart home, and AiDot’s goal is to ensure its clients can achieve that and much more.

By delivering superior-quality smart home devices, gadgets, and services at unbeatable prices, AiDot is inching toward its goal of making sustainable, superiorly efficient technology available to everyone.

“Smart homes and smart lives have come a long way, yet still, feel out of reach for many.

We envision a world beyond the “smart” phase where every person and every home can benefit from the advancements in tech,” said AiDot’s spokesperson. 

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