AirPods Max 2: Apple’s New Patent Shows that it Might Ship With a Proper Case

AirPods Max 2

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The case that the AirPods Max came with was not that great. Almost all users were not a big fan of how the case looked and functioned. It did not even offer that much protection to the headphones. In fact, many of the AirPods Max have cosmetic damage on them. 

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Many reviewers even called it out for being “near pointless.” And it seems like Apple took notes from the customer feedback. According to Patently Apple, Apple has patented a new case for the next generation of AirPods Max, which will be the AirPods Max 2.

AirPods Max 2
Source: Apple

Although it is just a patent, the case design looks much better than what Apple currently offers. First of all, the new case design will cover all portions of the Apple AirPods Max 2. 

Now, that will provide all the protection the user would need while traveling and carrying the headphones. Furthermore, the patent showed that there would be a magnetic clasp. And as you might know from the AirPods case, Apple’s magnetic clasp mechanisms are pretty satisfying to close. 

The case might be the same for the new case of Apple AirPods Max 2. So, many were wondering if the new case will still put the AirPods Max 2 into ultra low power mode or not. 

AirPods Max 2
Source: Apple

That was pretty much the only useful feature of the original case. From the patent, it seems like the feature will be present in the new case.

The original Apple AirPods Max can last for months with ultra low power mode. And many are speculating that the case will be pretty much the same for the new casing design of Apple AirPods Max 2.

With this patent, Apple is pretty much checking the wishlist of many Apple AirPods Max users. Now, they just need to work on the lossless playback feature on Apple AirPods Max 2. 

Additionally, if they added a proper 3.5 mm jack and an audio cable, Apple would make pretty much every current Apple AirPods Max user upgrade to the new AirPods Max 2 without thinking twice. 

AirPods Max 2
Source: Apple

That said, Apple puts a lot of things in their patents. But not all of the patents see the light of the day. 

However, since Apple AirPods Max 2 is pretty close to being announced, this patent holds great potential. But to be sure of whether there will be an upgrade in the case department of Apple Airpods Max 2, you still need to wait for the official announcement. 


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