Alexa has Learned How to Keep Your Pets Calm During the Fireworks. Isn’t it Interesting?

Amazon Alexa

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Fireworks are enjoyable to watch. They are basically an essential part of a celebration. However, it goes without saying that they can be a little too loud. And pets are not known to cope with such high decibels. 

Well, Alexa is here to help. With new years eve coming up and the UK bonfire currently happening, Amazon understood the distress that feline friends could go through. 

So, the team paired up with feline behaviorist Anita Kelsey and came up with a solution. Anita Kelsey is a professional music composer who has helped Alexa get a special playlist. 

Amazon Alexa
Source: Jumpstory

This unique playlist will be available on all Alexa-enabled devices and will help animals relax when there are too many loud noises around them.

The team has utilized scientific research and identified that cats respond positively to particular frequencies and tones. Using this information, Amazon and Anita Kelsey formulate unique tracks to keep the kitties calm during fireworks.

Amazon has also integrated a unique voice command into the assistant to initiate the playlist. You just have to say, “Alexa, help my cat relax,” and the device will start playing the calming tracks.

Amazon Alexa
Source: Jumpstory

What if you have a dog instead of a cat? Alexa can help in that regard too. The Press Paws, a new Routine, will let your dog relax by triggering a routine using sound detection, for example, bark.

In other words, a simple bark from the dogs will start the routine. And when it starts, the assistant will start playing the Classical for Dogs playlist. 

However, if you want to enable this feature on your devices, you need to turn the Press Paws routine on.

Amazon Alexa
Source: Jumpstory

To do that, head to the Alexa Routines and go through the on-screen instructions. After you are through the steps, the routine will be available for the devices.

Nonetheless, all these features will only come in handy if you have a good Alexa speaker. And, of course, you will not have any use for these features if you do not have a dog or a cat.

Amazon Alexa
Source: Jumpstory

But, if you do not own an Alexa device, Anita has come forward and shared some tips on how you can keep your pet calm during celebrations. You can learn all about the process in a simple way. The method is really easy to go through.

However, if your pets get a bit cranky during fireworks, you should consider getting an Alexa-enabled device. The pet-calming feature can make things easier for you and your four-legged friends.

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