Amazon Prime Music Is Due to See a Price Hike!

Amazon Prime Music

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Do you love taking a ride through the city while listening to your favorite tunes on Amazon Prime? Well, now, you need to think thrice! Twice for the gas money and once for the Amazon Prime subscription because the prices of Amazon Prime Music are going to go up this year.

The price hike is now becoming a pretty typical thing for everyday people. Over time, food, fuel, energy, and other essentials have been racking up their prices. 

And now, Amazon Music Unlimited joins that list. Yes, it is official. Amazon has recently announced that the music streaming service will see a price increase from May.

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Amazon Prime Music

Before, the single device streaming service, which would let you stream through Echo Dot or Amazon Echo, was at $3.99 or £3.99 or AU$4.99. And from may, it will be standing at $4.99 or £4.99 or AU$5.99. That is like a whole dollar or euro increase from the original pricing.

But the price hike is not limited to just the Amazon single device plan. The Amazon Music Unlimited plan is also due to see a price hike. It would cost you $7.99 or £7.99  per month. 

And after May, the prices will be standing at  $8.99 or £8.99 per month. Again, we will be saying an entire $ or £ increase in terms of pricing. Now, that would equate to $89 or £89 per year, whereas it is $79 or £79 at the moment.

In this price hike, the non-prime members did not get affected. They would still have to pay $9.99 or £9.99 or AU$11.99 per month for the individual plan. 

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Amazon Prime Music

Even with the price increase for the prime members, they would still be looking to pay a whole $ or £ or AU$ less than the non-prime members. And that is still good news for people that are looking to get subscribed to the Amazon Music platform.

Now, the question that stands is whether Prime is really worth it with all of the price increases. Well, the thing that still makes Prime worth it is Prime Video, which is Amazon’s video streaming service. Plus, Prime members will still enjoy free next-day shipping on thousands and thousands of Amazon items.

But what about Amazon Music? Again, it still brings you 90 million songs to stream on your device. Plus, you are getting hi-res and CD-quality tracks as part of the deal. Now, that was something that you could have got for a great deal. However, the deal is still good, considering Spotify is still working on the HiFi music streaming service.

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