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An Out-of-The-Box Two-Box Design from Melco Audio with the N10/2 Digital Music Library

Melco Audio

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For music lovers out there, falling back on nostalgia often hits stronger than the rhythm of their favorite song. And nothing belts out a tune like nostalgia, measured with quality than the N10/2 Digital Music Library from Melco Audio.

As audiophiles are a unique breed of music lovers, they will appreciate how Melco Audio has dedicated their newest product as a two-box music setup for a digital music library. The company is responsible for creating the world’s first audiophile-centric digital library in 2014. 

In less than a decade since its inception, Melco Audio has been adamant in producing innovative products one after the other. Hand-crafted in Japan, the Melco Audio N10/2, unlike its predecessors, is a unique, half-sized, two-box tier shape player. While progressive in its design, the Melco Audio N10/2 also sports a retro feel of the 80s/90s music boxes, without compromising sound quality.

melco audio
The unique Melco Audio digital music libraries are hand-crafted in Japan

Each box in the Melco Audio N10/2 has a specific purpose. The top unit has all the digital processing and maintains data connectivity. The second unit below contains a dedicated, built-in high-quality direct power supply. Furthermore, the intelligent music library player ignores the needs of a computer. The N10/2 comprises the MinimServer and SongKong software, which is an engineered infrastructure system with a singular purpose; implementing higher grade audio.

The device is also Roon Ready, with the Melco Music HD software offering application, support for TIDAL, and streaming via DLNA/UPnP in USB DAC mode. It is DSD compatible and offers about 8 times DSD and PCM at up to 32-bit/384 kHz. The Qobuz Downloader and HighResAudio are also present, which permits a direct and precise high-resolution download.

The Melco Audio N10/2 comes in two storage type alternatives: an HDD version: Melco N10/2-H50, and the SSD version: Melco N10/2-S38. The product avoids sonic concessions of the standard computer hardware, instead opting to use an audio-specific component and software for better performance, durability, and sound quality.

The Melco Audio N10/2 Digital Music Library retails at roughly around $9,500 for the N10/2-H50 (HDD version), while the N10/2-S38 (SSD version) will cost consumers around $12,200 respectively.

A two-tier box with out-of-the-box features, in terms of value for money, the Melco Audio N10/2 is definitely worth the buy, considering it offers such accurate precision in music output, with a retro yet modern outlook.

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