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AOHi MAGCUBE 40W Wall Charger Review – Best Looking USB-C Charger Available

AOHi Magcube Wall Charger packaging box

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Release Date
June 24, 2022
4.2 oz
3.62 x 3.58 x 1.14 in

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There is no doubt that the AOHi Magcube 40W wall charger is the best-looking wall charger on the market right now. 

Not only is its form factor tight and compact, but the attention to detail in the design alone is impressive. 

When the charger arrived, I was immediately impressed with the attractive packaging. 

There are a few companies that produce their items in China that really take time on their packaging and details of the retail experience. 

The AOHi 40W Magcube comes in Black and Yellow at this time and the unit that I have, as you’ll see in the detailed photos, is yellow, which I absolutely love. 

Editor’s Pick

AOHi MAGCUBE 40W GaN+ Wall Charger

This is a well made, compact and great looking USB-C wall charger

Price Range: $
Brand: AOHI
AOHi Magcube Wall Charger front/logo view


The looks and packaging alone would have won me over. The fact that this little unit works like a charm to charge up my lights, phone, tablet, apple watch and other devices is just awesome.

The Yellow color makes me smile and I love how small and well designed it is.

I never thought I could get excited about a USB-C wall charger but, I did.

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The Specs

  • Main Feature:  Fast Charging for Phones, Tablets, and Macbook Air
  • Special Feature:  Lightweight Design, Travel, Charging Indicator, Fast Charging, Retractable Plug
  • Connector Type:  USB Type C
  • Total USB Ports:  2
  • Wattage:  40 watts
  • Compatible Devices:  Headphones, Laptops, IPhone, Cellular Phones, Smartwatches

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Magcube PD 40W 2-Port Wall Charger
  • User Manual

Stuff I like

  • Great build quality
  • Great looks
  • GaN+ charging with fast charging for phones
  • Compact size and very portable
  • Included LED light indicator for added zing so you now how the charge is going

Stuff I like less

  • None. Honest.

Comparable products to consider

AOHI Magcube 30W PD
AOHI Magcube 30W PD Mini Fast Charger

A super fast charging 30W USB-C power adapter with USB-C charger, an ideal charging block for your iOS, Andriod cellphones, tablets, laptops, as well as smartwatches and earbuds.

I would actually like to get the orange-red color and the green color as well to complete all of my charging needs – one for the office, one for home, and one for travel.

The other colors may be a future release

This is a 2-port USB-C charging unit that has an apparent visual LED indicator on it which highlights what state of charge you’re at.

The form factor is completed by the ease with which the charging plugs fold away into the unit. This model is the AOC-C008. The input voltage is 120-240v, so while it has a US plug on it, you could use it in other countries with adapters if you needed to. 

This makes it perfect for travel. If you’re going overseas, all you need is the adapter, which will also work in the voltage of the traveling. 


You can get 3 amps output on average with 40 watts for each port. 

The dimensions of this thing are only 49 by 44 by 22 5mm and it weighs in at only 80 grams. 

So if you measure that out on a ruler, you’ll get a good idea of how small this thing is.

In addition to the great packaging, it also comes with a feedback card which has a very cute, happy, or unhappy symbol on it. So if you need support you can get in touch with them quite easily. 

AOHi Magcube Wall Charger
AOHI Magcube 40W with foldable prongs | Make Life Click

It includes a user manual that includes the specifications of the device although there’s not a lot else that you need from a user guide for a unit like this. 

There’s enough power in there to charge up your phone or your tablet, or a laptop, Macbook Air, straight from the wall, and the nice flat form on the wall makes it very innocuous on your wall.

Charging Status indicator

The charging status LED indicator has a few different states.

  • If it’s just doing standard charging, the LED indicator shows blue and will always be on.
  • If it’s fast charging, the LED indicator shows yellow and is in a blinking state. 
  • If there’s a low current, the LED indicator shows Green and is also always on. 
  • And if you have fast charging from any of the individual ports, the LED indicator shows yellow will blink. 

You can Fast Charge 2 iPhones at the same time.

It’s important to note this uses GaN+ technology to charge which is something AOHi has helped pioneer.

GaN+ stands for Gallium Nitride chargers, these are about 3 times more efficient than normal chargers. 

AOHi Magcube Wall Charger charging cord
The AOHI Magline+ Nylon USB C to USB C cable | Make Life Click

USB-C Magline+ Cable

In addition to the AOHi Magcube 40W 2 port Wall charger, they also sent me their USB-C cable which I’m very impressed with. 

It’s called a Magline+ plus which is a USB C to USB C cable. 

The model is AOC-L005. From my many years as a musician. I know a good cable when I see it and this one stands out among all the other USB cables in the sea of USB-C cables you can get.

It’s beautifully braided material rather than just plastic which gives it some nice pliability, comes with a really cool little velcro strip and the plug terminators feel like they’re of really great quality. You can see it in the pictures.

Sum up

So, if you’re going to buy the MagCube then I would certainly recommend going in for one the cables as well. This one that I have is 1.8 metres/6ft.

If you’re looking for the best-looking USB-C charging cube on the market then this is definitely it. 

Not only the colors but as I say the attention to detail and the design, as you’ll see in the photos, is really impressive. 

AOHi Magcube Wall Charger actual size
Size makes it ultra-compact, lightweight by design | Make Life Click

There’s a good weight to it, but it’s only 80 grams and is perfect for anywhere – at home or on the go if you need something you can easily drop into your bag, your purse, or your laptop case. 

You get a GaN+ charger, that offers fast charge AND trickles charge while being portable, looking good, and being really well made!

Really impressed and highly recommend this. 

AOHi MAGCUBE plugged in to wall
AOHi with LED light showing standard charge
AOHi Magcube Wall Charger on top of the cord box
Build Quality
Value for money
Charging power

Endless hours of experimentation, professional work, and personal investment in Home Theatre, Hi-Fi, Smart Home Automation and Headphones have come to this.

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