Apple Airpods Max 2 Design: What We Know So Far?

Apple Airpods Max 2 Designs: What We Know So Far?

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So, Apple Airpods Max has been around here for a while. As you know, Apple, when they release a new product, it is pretty much bound to see a successor. The same thing is applicable for the Airpods Max lineup. And a well-reputed source, 9To5Mac, has offered the fans a sneak peek of what might be missing from the next iteration. Can you guess what it can be?

Not the headphone jack! It was never there on the Airpods Max Series. Instead, the next iteration might not have the digital crown. 9To5Mac has offered users insights regarding the new patent uncovered by Patently Apple. The patent shows that Apple has trademarked a touch-sensitive panel on a pair of over-ear headphones. And touch-sensitive panels on over-ears would generally mean new controls.

Currently, the Apple Airpods Max utilizes a Digital Crown as an input. This crown is also present on the Apple watch. And it does a proper job in both cases. Nonetheless, Apple’s team has already disclosed that they were venturing into new ways of using touch controls for their headphones lineup. 

Apple Airpods Max 2 Designs: What We Know So Far?
Apple Airpods Max 2 release date is yet to be announced

Apple’s other Airpods (Airpods 2019, Airpods Pro, and Airpods 3) already have a touch-sensitive control. So, if they do ditch the Digital crown and opt for a touch-sensitive panel instead, the entire lineup would have a level of consistency. The touch control panel would also mean that the Airpods Max might have a unique design.

Without the crown, it would be possible to reverse the orientation. There could be some other new touch-related features in the next iteration. However, just because Apple has lodged a full-fledged patent, it does not mean that they will implement the technology inside the patent. There were loads of patents before. And a handful of them did not see the light.

But, PatentlyApple noted that Apple now has three patents related to touch controls for over-ear headphones. This number of patents regarding the same technology does enhance the chances of us seeing a new control mechanism on the next Airpods Max.

You should also note that Apple did not announce the second over-ears yet. So, there is no surety when we will know what to expect on the next release. But the company has stated that they will be holding a spring event soon. And there has been a lot of speculation that it can be as early as March 8th.

However, we might not get any announcement regarding the next Airpods Max in that event because many are not expecting the event to cover it.

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