Apple Settles its Legal Dispute with Koss over a Patent for Wireless Headphones

Apple Settles its Legal Dispute with Koss

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A court document filed on Saturday and Reuters noted Apple and audio maker Koss had settled a patent infringement complaint involving the AirPods. Koss had claimed that Apple’s AirPods and Beats products violated its patents for wireless headphone technology.

According to Koss, who claims to have invented wireless headphone technology, the AirPods and Beats wireless headphones infringed on several of his patents. 

When Koss initially filed the case in 2020, the business claimed that Apple was aware of its patents and that the two had spoken about using them several times.

Apple Settles its Legal Dispute with Koss
Source: Jumpstory

So Koss filed a lawsuit against Apple and requested an undefined sum in damages for the claimed infringement after Apple ultimately decided not to license any of the company’s technologies. 

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At first, Koss contended that Apple had violated patents pertaining to wireless headphones. The business then filed a lawsuit. However, as Reuters reported, a deal was reached between the two businesses.

This Agreement was disclosed to the Waco, Texas, federal court before the two firms were there. Judge Alan Albright (U.S. District Court) threw out the case with prejudice. The work was finished that day, and the accusations cannot be renewed now.

Apple Settles its Legal Dispute with Koss
Source: Jumpstory

In a 2020 lawsuit, Koss claimed that Apple had violated multiple patents related to features of a wireless headphone technology that Koss said it invented in the early 2000s. 

Koss is currently engaged in legal battles with Apple, Bose, and Skullcandy. The other two lawsuits are still continuing, even though Apple’s claim was settled.

According to reports, Koss started bringing legal action after the headphone market allegedly “caught up to Koss’s early 2000s vision.” 

The advances made by the company as a result “became conventional, with complete listening ecosystems having been developed around the techniques Koss thought of over a decade ago.” 

Apple Settles its Legal Dispute with Koss
Source: Jumpstory

Koss initially hoped to receive royalties from sales of Apple’s Beats and AirPods. Apple steadfastly maintained that it did not violate Koss’ patents. The business even countersued Koss, claiming that the complaint contained sensitive information.

Apple countersued Koss after Koss filed the lawsuit against it, claiming that Koss’ claims were “baseless” and that the patents were invalid. The lawsuit violated a 2017 confidentiality agreement stating Koss would not file a lawsuit against Apple.

Even though a trial between Apple and Koss was scheduled in July, the two businesses announced on Saturday that the claims that Apple violated Koss’ wireless audio patents had been settled. The court consequently dismissed the case.

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