Atlantic Technology TWS1: Cheaper Version of AirPods Pro 2?

Atlantic Technology TWS1

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Atlantic Technology is not a well-known name. However, this US-based company has been making speakers for about a decade. 

And even though most of its offerings do not get much attention, you should check out its latest Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) earbuds. That is, the Atlantic Technology TWS1.

What is so great about the TWS1? The wireless earbuds have very competitive pricing, and they can indeed achieve a spot in the list of best TWS earbuds soon. 

Atlantic Technology TWS1
Source: Atlantic Technology

Atlantis Technology packed the buds with the latest and greatest tech available in the wireless industry.

First, the Atlantic Technology TWS1 packs a reasonably large battery in the charging case. You can expect to get 35 hours of runtime with a full charge. 

And that means you might not need to charge it for days after one full charge. The TWS1 bundles with a highly advanced app, which is available for Android and iOS. 

Atlantic Technology TWS1
Source: Atlantic Technology

Inside the app, you will find a suite of customizability options. It will let you tinker with Ai-Tune, a unique test audio option powered by an AI algorithm.

With the Ai-Tune enabled, the Atlantic Technology TWS1 will excel at offering you the best sound that matches your hearing profile

The app even has a seven-band equalizer, allowing you to finely tune the sound coming from the drivers. However, it is not just all about the app. 

Atlantic Technology TWS1
Source: Atlantic Technology

The Atlantic Technology TWS1 comes with Bluetooth 5.2, which fully supports separate synchronized streams. That means you can connect each of the buds with wireless devices separately.

There’s even aptX Adaptive, enabling the TWS1 to offer audio with up to 24-bit/96kHz audio. The buds even have a dynamic low latency mode, which will surely come in handy if you are into competitive gaming.

Furthermore, you will find Bluetooth multipoint pairing features in the Atlantic Technology TWS1.

Atlantic Technology TWS1
Source: Atlantic Technology

Thanks to that, it will be possible for you to link the buds with two different devices at the same time. The transition from one device to another is pretty seamless too.

When it comes to the drivers, Atlantic Technology has opted for a 7mm Titanium-coated driver for the TWS1. And these drivers are fully capable of providing your ears with Hi-res sound.

The Atlantic Technology TWS1 does not skimp one bit in terms of build quality either. You will be pretty amazed by the overall design. The black and rose gold accent are really eye-catching.

Finally, the buds have an IP67 water and dust resistance rating. And thanks to the included ear fins and comfort tips, you are sure to get a secure and comfortable fit on your ears.

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