Audio Pro Link2: Affordable Network Streamer to Bring Back Life of the Old HiFi Systems

Audio Pro Link2

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The refreshed version of Link1 from Audio Pro is finally here. It will give your old and vintage HiFi systems the love they deserve.

Audio Pro is mainly trying to offer an upgrade solution to the old HiFi owners without making them break the bank.

Link2 acts like a hub, which enables it to bridge the gap between the modern and traditional audio components of your home.

Audio Pro Link2
Source: Audio Pro

It does that by bringing Google Cast and AirPlay2 functionality. But you do not have to resort to those streaming solutions if you do not want to. Audio Pro has integrated its own streaming solution into Link2 as well.

Combined with the proprietary streaming solution, Link2 will be able to integrate into a multi-room setup with ease. There are a good number of connectivity ports present too. 

You will find RCA line-level outputs and inputs, optical and coaxial outputs, ethernet for wired connectivity, and USB ports for getting access to external drives.

Audio Pro Link2
Link2; Source: Audio Pro

The Audio Pro Link2 also has WiFi and Bluetooth, enabling you to easily stream wirelessly. And just like the speakers from the Audio Pro, the top panel of the Link2 has preset buttons.

The buttons allow the users to gain fast access to their preferred media. So, Link2 can turn your old and dated streaming system into something modern and well-equipped.

Jens Henriksen from Audio Pro stated the concept of Link2 by stating, “In a time when increasing focus is placed on extending the life of everything you buy with the aim of not burdening the environment more than necessary, Link2 really feels like the right product. With this truly smart solution, you can reuse your old stereo instead of throwing it away.”

Audio Pro Link2
Source: Audio Pro

So, what about the Link1? It will still be available to purchase. And if you do not like the large-sized shape of the Link2, you should definitely consider the Link1. 

However, the small-sized streamer comes with WiFi, Bluetooth, optical, and analog inputs. In comparison, Link2 has more connectivity options, which can give an old streaming system get a higher overall flexibility. 

Audio Pro Link2
Source: Audio Pro

And that is something you can not take for granted, especially if you have a vintage system. Want to get your hands on the new Link2? You do not need to wait for too long! 

The Link2 from Audio Pro will be available from the end of October. It will sit alongside Link1 on the shelves. So, you can easily get one of them if you wait for just a couple of days.

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