Audio Pro Presents A15 Wireless Speaker: Claiming a More Affordable Rival of Sonos Move

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Audio Pro, a Swedish startup, has introduced a new compact Bluetooth speaker with the ability to connect to your home Wi-Fi network – and it may be a fascinating rival to the Sonos Move. Audio Pro has manufactured some of the greatest multi-room speakers available, and the company is expanding its lineup with the inclusion of a new model.

The Audio Pro A15 is a stylish Bluetooth speaker that can be used as part of a multiroom audio system or transported outside into your garden, providing greater flexibility in where and how you enjoy music.

Bluetooth speakers with built-in Wi-Fi are becoming more popular in the world of smart audio, with products like the Sonos Move and the compact cylinder-shaped Sonos Roam illustrating how a single speaker can cover almost all of your music demands.

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A15 is more akin to the Sonos Move than the Roam, having a boxy, basic design that should fit into most households. Unlike Sonos’ speakers, it has a fabric grille, a carrying handle, and a slew of tactile control buttons for adjusting the volume of your music. It is IPX2-rated, which means it is protected against accidental splashes – however, we would not advocate bringing this speaker into the shower or to the beach.

Although Audio Pro lacks the brand cachet of Sonos, it offers its own range of multi-room wireless speakers that can be coupled in various ways to create custom sound installations.

The A15 may be connected to other Audio Pro speakers using the company’s proprietary multi-room system technology and other Chromecast and AirPlay 2-compatible speakers.

Audio Pro

Battery life is 11 hours when the speaker is set to half-volume; it drops to eight hours when you’re blaring your music, but it should be ample time to soundtrack a party.

Audio Pro hasn’t revealed any information regarding the drivers within the A15, which means we’d have to test it before determining the A15’s sound quality. However, we like the company’s stereo speakers, and the rest of the features seem to be rather promising.

If the A15 were much less expensive than the Sonos Move, we’d recommend it; nevertheless, they’re almost comparable in price in the United States.

When the Sonos Move was released in 2019, it was priced at $399 / £399 / AU$649. Discounts are still relatively uncommon. The Audio Pro A15 is priced at $400 / £350, which translates to around AU$530 in Australia.

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Audio Pro A10 Speaker

Audio Pro A10 is a speaker with a modest footprint and rounded design, making it a space savvy addition to a smaller room.

Thus, the A15 is priced similarly to the Sonos Move in the United States, slightly less in the United Kingdom, and perhaps considerably less in Australia. That implies that if you decide between the Sonos Move and the A15, your purchase choice will not necessarily be based on pricing.

For example, the Sonos Move is dust and water-resistant to IP67, making it more durable than the A15. Additionally, the Move supports Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing it to function as a smart speaker and manage other smart devices.

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