Audio-Technica Launches new High-end Dual Moving Stereo Cartridge with an Unparalleled Curved Design


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Audio-Technica has announced its newest addition to the phono ART series, the AT-ART20. The new dual-moving stereo cartridge uses the same cartridge technologies as all their other high-end magnetic core cartridges in their lineups.

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The development behind AT-ART20 seems to have two primary goals. According to Audio-Technica, it is for providing “superlative analog sound reproduction” and optimizing the “performance and benefits of a magnetic core cartridge.”

Using extended high-frequency responses while keeping the clarity of the low-frequency sounds, it can maintain the original quality of the music and perform musical realism. 

The nude special line contact stylus helps to maintain consistency in the record by producing high-frequency premium responses with very little inner-groove contortion. Its shape ensures low wear and tear by protecting it from abrasions.

Source: Audio-Technica

The cartridge is made from a unique combination of aluminum, titanium, and elastomer that helps to reduce resonance. Its base is made of aluminum, whereas the housing of the cartridge uses titanium, and the undercover uses elastomer. 

In addition to that, the cartridge has a unique curved surface. Moreover, for reducing contact resistance, the Audio-Technica AT-ART20 has 30 times more thickness of the gold plating than that of standard products. The use of high-quality terminal pins alongside it enhances the sound quality.

This cartridge also claims to provide a frequency response of 20 to 50,000 Hz with the rectangular shank that attaches the solid boron cantilever of 0.28 mm diameter to the stylus. It is mainly for securing the alignment of the cartridge with the record, but it also helps to lose mass.

Source: Audio-Technica

Speaking of mass, the Audio-Technica AT-ART20 uses Fukui Prefecture’s 100 years old advanced manufacturing technologies for the eyeglass industry. Using such technologies, they have managed to decrease the titanium’s thickness and reduce its weight significantly.

Other than that, they have used titanium for the tip augmentation plate holding the diamond tip together, further decreasing its mass. It also helps to improve the high-frequency responses. 

For improving rigidity, it uses a stepped pipe structure that is connected to the armature and cantilever. This further is said to help reduce excessive vibrations. 

Source: Audio-Technica

Furthermore, Audio-Technica claims that it can deliver high channel separation for minimal distortions and increase sound clarity. This is thanks to the inverted V-shaped aligned dual moving coils based on their previous model, the AT- ART9XI. 

With a 0.6 mm thicker front yoke, it enhances the magnetic flux density. Besides that, it has more than 15% more output voltage.

You can get Audio-Technica’s Dual Moving Coil Stereo Cartridge AT-ART20 in appropriate stores for $2900 or £1895.

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