Audiolab Debuts Three New HiFi Products for 7000 Series


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The recently announced 9000 series of Audiolab is doing reasonably great. And let’s not forget that the entry-level 6000 series is getting more popular.

However, both lineups are at opposite ends of the budget spectrum. So, the HiFi specialist felt the need for a middle-of-a-road range, which is precisely where the 7000 series steps into. 

It comes with three strong HiFi models that will offer more than what the budget options have to bring to the table. Wondering what products the Audiolab 7000 series comes with?

Audiolab 7000CDT
7000CDT; Source: Audiolab

It includes a CD transport 7000CDT, an amplifier 7000A, and a music streamer 7000N Play. And even though they are said to be mid-range offerings, they can certainly be pretty close to the high-end range of the brand.

Even if that is not the case, the mid-range offerings of Audiolab are really something. Take the 7000A amplifier, for example. 

It sits comfortably between the flagship 9000A and the five-star rated budget amplifier 6000A. And the great part is that it borrows features from both of the siblings while offering something new on the table.

Audiolab 7000CDT
7000CDT; Source: Audiolab

Like the Audiolab 6000A, the 7000A comes with three line-level RCA inputs, Bluetooth support, two optical and coaxial ports, and an MM phono stage. 

For the Bluetooth department, the 7000A has been upgraded with aptX HD over the regular aptX. And much like the high-end sibling, the 7000A boasts a USB Type-B input for PCs, Macs, and smartphones. 

This port not only makes the amplifier versatile but also makes it gain support for DSD512 and PCM 32-bit/768kHz. There’s also a new generation of the 32-bit Sabre chip, the ES9038Q2M. 

7000A; Source: Audiolab

You will also find a new post-DAC active filter. The power output of each channel is 20W per channel and can offer up to 70W with the toroidal transformer.

You can enjoy considerably higher flexibility with the setup process. The 7000A can act as an integrated amplifier, as a standalone DAC/Preamp, or solely as a power amplifier.

Moreover, the 7000A also comes with the Class A circuitry found in the 9000A. Also, the lead electronics designer of Audiolab tweaked the Class AB circuitry found in the 6000A.

Audiolab 7000NPlay
7000NPlay; Source: Audiolab

Although the new 7000A might look similar to the 6000A, Audiolab has integrated a primary differentiating factor. And that would be the front display.

It is now bigger and much like the screen found in the high-end 9000A. So, the display will be able to show info in colors instead of monochrome.

Nonetheless, it is not like the 7000A has all the great things. The case is the same for the 7000CDT transport and the 7000N Play streamer. They are also bringing some features of the 9000 and 6000 lineups while offering new things.

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