Audiolab Unveils Its 9000 Series by Releasing a CD Transport and Integrated Amplifier

Audiolab Unveils Its 9000 Series

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Audiolab has just debuted the 9000 series. And the series kicked off with a genuinely high-end duo, the 9000CDT CD transport and 9000A integrated amplifier.

According to Audiolab, the 9000A integrated amplifier is the very best thing that the brand has ever built. It comes with a moving magnet phono stage, boasts 2×100-watts at 8 ohms, and doubles as a pure power amplifier or preamp.

However, those are not the only features that make the Audiolab 9000A the best product of the brand. It also boasts a sleek 4.3 inches IPS LCD screen, 32-bit ESS 9038PRO DAC chip, and rotary dials.

Audiolab Unveils Its 9000 Series
9000CDT; Source: Audiolab

Furthermore, it features Bluetooth connectivity, which has full-fledged support for LDAC and aptX HD. There is also support for aptX low latency, AAC, regular aptX, and SBC

Basically, it is a dream come true for those who want to stream high-quality music through mobile devices. And it goes without saying that you will not have any issues while trying to stream your audio files to the device wirelessly.

Although there is no built-in network streaming in the 9000A, Audiolab has assured that it is developing a dedicated audio streamer for this series. It is planned to arrive in early 2023, which is really not that far.

Audiolab Unveils Its 9000 Series
9000A; Source: Audiolab

The second star of the show is the 9000CDT. It is the slimmer sibling of 9000A. But the best part is that CD Transport features a high-end CD transport mechanism. 

According to Audiolab, it features a “high-precision optical system and low-friction loading tray.” There is also a read-ahead digital buffer, which is there to reduce the disc-reading failures. 

Although it is a slimmer version of the 9000A, it has the classy aluminum chassis and the same 4.3-inch IPS display.

Audiolab Unveils Its 9000 Series
9000A; Source: Audiolab

After mounting the transport on its own, including a dedicated power supply and electromagnetically shielded enclosure, you are looking at a CD transport that will make discs sound as pure as they ever can.

Now, it would be natural for you to expect this duo to have a high overall price tag. After all, they offer state-of-the-art performance and come with the latest and greatest tech. 

Audiolab Unveils Its 9000 Series
9000A; Source: Audiolab

Well, you would not be wrong in that regard. The price for the duo is relatively high. However, if you compare the price with performance, the 9000CDT CD Transport and 9000A integrated amplifier offers excellent value for money. 

That is making the fans wonder what is next for the Audiolab 9000 series, especially considering the fact that the separate audio streamer for the series is soon to be unveiled by Audiolab.

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