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Aurorasound Presents VIDA 2 and EQ-100 Phono Equalisers

Aurorasound Presents VIDA 2 and EQ-100 Phono Equalisers

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Aurorasound has launched two phono equalizers, the VIDA 2 and EQ-100. Aurorasound is a reputed Japanese sound device manufacturing company. It has been building such devices for over a decade.

The EQ-100, and Adaptive Multi-curve Phono Equalizer Amplifier, are compatible with all analog records capable of cutting at speeds ranging from SP (78rpm) through monaural LP (33 1/3rpm). 

On the front panel, the equalization values for Turnover in the low-frequency range and Roll-off in the high-frequency band are shown, each with ten selections. As a result, a total of 100 combinations are individually viable without interfering with one another. 

A simplified configuration is supplied for a typical cutting characteristic, such as 78rpm SP in the United States, four types in Europe, for LP, RIAA, AES, DECCA, Columbia, and NAB. 

A Bass Limiter is given for each record label, notably DECCA, Columbia, and RIAA, to suppress low frequencies for correct playing. This device was built and developed with the goal of entirely satisfying aficionados ranging from SP specialists to monaural maniacs to everyone interested in pre-stereo recordings while maintaining an emphasis on user-friendliness.

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To calculate the accurate filter circuit, each adaptive value was computed using a circuit simulator and a computer. Audio Precision’s measurement tool was used to painstakingly examine and check the actual circuit. As a consequence, the optimal solution was devised, namely using rotary switches to alter the values of resistors and capacitors. 

While playing a record, it is possible to pick an EQ level with little noise. Potentiometers are used in several variable equalization amplifiers to achieve specific curves. However, adjusting a potentiometer precisely is difficult due to its huge error tolerance. 

Aurorasound released the first VIDA in 2012, and the upgraded Aurorasound VIDA 2 expands on its qualities. The basic Aurorasound VIDA 2 has two sets of inputs that may be configured in MM or MC mode, with the MC mode offering the ability to swap between low and high impedance loads. The VI6 variant has a broader load impedance range of six for the MC inputs. All capacitors in the signal route are eliminated in the new VIDA. 

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It offers a fully flat frequency response over the whole auditory range with no coloring. The active DC servo circuit ensures perfectly steady outputs independent of input and operating temperature variations. The power supply incorporates a toroid transformer and a Schottky barrier diode, which results in very low noise. With the usage of a separate power supply, all leakage flux noises are fully removed by using a high-speed semiconductor-based steady power supply circuit.

Small signals recorded on the vinyl disc must be carefully restored to their original flat response utilizing a coil and CR network circuit that pass through the RIAA curve with attenuated lows and enhanced highs. Simultaneously, it must be about 1,600 times amplified. VIDA achieved an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio by meticulous component selection, circuit design, and PC board pattern designs.

Images: Aurorasound

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