Avantgarde Acoustic Trio G3 is Set to Launch at Axpona 2022

Avantgarde Acoustic

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The official distributor of Avantgarde Acoustic in Canada and North America, Angie Lisi of American Sound of Canada, will be launching the new Acoustic Trio G3 at the AXPONA 2022. This event will take place on the 22nd of April and continue until the 24th of April of 2022.

The venue for the event is near Chicago, which is the Renaissance Schaumburg Goten and Convention Center. But not all audio enthusiasts will be capable of making it to the event. That is why Avantgarde has given us a glimpse of what the Trio G3 is bringing to the table.

As the name suggests, the G3 is the third successor. In other words, it is generation 3 of XD series that Avantgarde has to offer. Based on the OG models, the generation 1 that launched in 1993, the G3 is the second time the whole series was completely revamped.

According to Avantgarde Acoustic, they have completely taken the horn principle to the level max. The trio G3 combines the iTRON fully active modules and the SpaceHorn, the newest further development of the Basshorn, together. The iTRON is basically the current drive amplifier. And it combines perfectly with the horn.

Avantgarde Acoustic
Avantgarde Acoustic Trio G3 is Set to Launch at Axpona 2022 6

Avantgarde Acoustic has made all electronics sit in housing with exchangeable modules. That will give the users the ability easily to upgrade the system later down the line.

However, that is just the first half of the story. The Avantgarde Acoustic Trio G3 will also feature a new EvolutionAA driver. With the XT3 tweeter unit and the extended super tweeter frequency range, the driver will show its true form With the Trio G3.

Furthermore, there is an optional network capability. That will offer the users the option to directly stream audio from the streaming services. And that includes Tidal and Spotify. Additionally, it has the support to play directly from Roon, DLNA, and Airplay.

On that note, the network capability will make the Avantgarde Acoustic Trio G3 a high-end system that you can enjoy plug-and-play capabilities on. Also, the new system from Avantgarde is available in new colors.

Avantgarde Acoustic
Avantgarde Acoustic Trio G3 is Set to Launch at Axpona 2022 7

Now, if you are more excited to know about technical specifications, its load capacity is at 150 watts, and it features a frequency range of 100 Hz to 20000 Hz. Moreover, the efficiency is at 109 dB, which represents the standard of 1 watt / 1m. The nominal impedance is at 10 ohms, and the recommended amplifier power is at 2 watts.

That said, if you can not make it to AXPONA, you might need to wait a little longer for the High-End Munich 2022. There is a high chance that the new Trio G3 will be available at this event as well.

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