AVID Presents Sigsum Integrated Amplifier with Built-in Pulsus Phono Stage

AVID Sigsum Presents Integrated Amplifier with Built-in Pulsus Phono Stage

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AVID introduces a new integrated design with an integrated phono amplifier and balanced connectors. The Sigsum Integrated Amplifier is a natural progression of our cascading product design philosophy. We are motivated by the sound quality and an unwavering commitment to provide the best in the category in all of our creations. 

Sigsum incorporates a number of the exceptionally high-standard components featured in our Reference electronics, each with the greatest possible specification. An integrated amplifier is composed of four major components: a power supply, a pre-amplifier architecture, a power amplifier, and volume control. As with a jigsaw puzzle, each component must be flawless and then fit together exactly, with the weakest component letting the whole thing down.

Sigsum- the name derives from ‘the SUM of two SIGnals’ – is handsomely designed, simple to operate, and equipped with two RCA line inputs and two balanced XLR inputs in addition to the phono input. Derived on AVID’s Reference Pre and Mono amplifiers, the Sigsum’s preamp and phono stages are combined on a single PCB, while the power amp is divided into two mono modules.

“A total triumph. Brilliant, even”

Paul Rigby

AVID Sigsum Integrated Amplifier does not skimp on any of these components. The power supply is a gigantic 1.1KVA mains transformer with big capacitors, providing enormous reserves and a slam and low-frequency control sound. The pre-amplifier architecture is entirely custom, allowing for accurate replication with unbounded headroom. There is a reference power amplifier that has been directly scaled-down and is capable of driving all loudspeakers comfortably. With probably the world’s greatest volume control, the ALPS RK50 enables listeners to hear every detail with such life and realism.

Its choices include gain settings of +40dB, +60dB, and +70dB, impedances of 100, 300, 500ohm, 1kohm, 5k, 10k, and 47kohm, and capacitance levels of 100, 200, and 500pF. However, remembering AVID’s Pulsus phono stage, which consists of two compact boxes, it was simpler to flip over the 1kg preamp component.

AVID Presents Sigsum Integrated Amplifier with Built-in Pulsus Phono Stage
AVID Presents Sigsum Integrated Amplifier with Built-in Pulsus Phono Stage 6

The amplifier reproduces very pure music as it sounds. Users won’t find a single noise of dirt adhering to the accessible tones. The sound was as unadulterated as the driving. The music has a distant, airy, and spacious quality to it, as though this amplifier had a distant, airy, and spacious quality to it. 

AVID Sigsum Presents Integrated Amplifier with Built-in Pulsus Phono Stage

The first element, the clean aspect, is due in part to the solid-state base of the Sigsum technology, but more importantly to the huge power hardware that powers it. It had so much potential behind the song, even at modest levels, that the music sounded very natural.

While the AVID Sigsum Integrated Amplifier is undoubtedly large, bold, and heavy, it also delivers an easy and detailed output in single-ended mode, as well as fairly astonishing performance in balanced mode. By adding headphones and phono inputs, customers may create an incredible product. Without a doubt, the AVID is an outstanding amplifier.

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