Bang & Olufsen adds Seamless Sound to their luxury Beovision Harmony Series

Bang & Olufsen

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When it comes to luxury TVs, Bang & Olufsen is definitely one of the most well-known brands. The designer of the luxury brand’s Beovision Harmony series, Torsten Valeur and Valeur Designers, has launched multiple luxury TV models in the last couple of years. 

All the models have one thing in common—speakers that open and close like butterfly wings. After their existing Beovision Harmony in 65-inch and 77-inch in 4K, alongside their 8K 88-inch model, Bang & Olufsen, better known as B&O, is launching the 83-inch 4K model and expanding the series.

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Bang & Olufsen
Image Credit: Bang & Olufsen

Similar to the others in the series, the model has those elegant butterfly wings-like speakers that spread and gently lift the screen when you turn on the TV, giving it that cabinet looks the series sets on approaching. 

On-standby mode or audio mode, the speakers close in a vertical stance, covering the front of the screen, while also utilizing the rest of the displayed screen showing the audio station. 

As a part of the Beovision Harmony series, it uses its powerful SoundCentre speakers that are said to enhance movies, music, and any audio experience. 

And thanks to their built-in 7.1 sound decoder, you can take a step further and connect a maximum of eight Bang & Olufsen Beolab wired speakers that can give you the home theatre experience of your dreams with a surround sound or stereo performance. It is also Bang & Olufsen Beolink multiroom system compatible.

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The OLED Bang & Olufsen’s Beovision Harmony uses the LG’s G-series OLED TV, which can provide both a brilliant picture quality and gaming performance. This G-series OLED has a webOS SmartTV function alongside supporting Dolby Vision support, four HDMI 2.1 ports, and app streaming. 

All of this is suitable for next-generation advanced gaming features and graphics settings. It is VRR compatible and can run games in 4K at 120Hz, for smooth, lag-free gaming, not to mention the Bang & Olufsen sound system gives an immersive audio experience.

While B&O uses the LG OLED TV as part of their cooperation with the brand in creating this series, there are slight software modifications done to ensure a clean performance and perfect compatibility with their system and their Beoremote One.

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Bang & Olufsen
Image Credit: Bang & Olufsen

The Beovision Harmony 83″ 4K TV is made from aluminum, fabric, and oak, making it quite light and also justifying its high-end luxurious price tag. Its speaker, mainly made of oak and fabric, doesn’t fail to give off a cozy yet lavish look. 

Launching in May 2022, this model is on sale in stores starting from $25,000 in the US and 23,000 euros in Europe. It will also arrive with a floor stand.

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