Best birthday present? Get Headphones

Headphones make the best birthday gift because there are few people who don’t use them. We guess you don’t know many people who don’t listen to headphones at some stage in their daily life. The obvious and clear truth is people love music, and they listen to music, radio, talks, ebooks all time. Think about it and consider these common scenarios for using earphones or headphones:

  1. Listening to music at the Gym
  2. Shutting out the world while commuting to work on the bus or train
  3. Making for a more enjoyable plane flight
  4. Getting some motivational talks in while walking the local neighbourhood
  5. Getting more done at work at your desk in a busy office
  6. Listening to music while running (somewhere nice like the Vancouver seawall or Grouse Grind)
  7. Keeping the noise down late at night watching TV

It makes sense then that anyone would love an upgrade to the headphones they are already using. We love helping people find the right headphones for the right person and the right situation so reach out and we can help you choose. The gift of hearing great music, through great headphones, is open to everyone. You might know people with their white iPhone earphones and you know they could do better. Starting at just $55 the Shure SE112 make for an awesome upgrade (and birthday present), right through to the Westone W40 or Shure SE846 – we’ve got the right headphones for everyone. If you have questions about someone you know who might love some new headphones for their birthday, ask below.

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