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Best MMCX Cables – Wired, Bluetooth and with Mic

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MMCX Cables are a solid audio choice – wired, Bluetooth and connectors with mic.

Best MMCX Cables

When I owned Headphones Canada MMCX cables were most common on commercial pro and prosumer IEMs and earphones. I was fortunate to have endless in-ear monitors models available to demo, trial and review. I always gravitated to MMXC connectors as the preferred option as they stayed connected, were easy to change out and had a nice ‘snap’ to them so you knew they were perfectly fit.

Editor’s Pick
Shure RMCE-BT2 Bluetooth MMCX Cable
The RMCE-BT2 is our pick for MMCX cable as it’s Bluetooth quality is solid, build quality is excellent and versatility is great. Its use cases are just so plentiful being wireless, including a Mic and having inline controls. As a premium pick, this is it.

I currently own the full Westone IEM range including the W60, UM Pro 50 and the models all the way down to the W10 and UM Pro 30 (and UM Pro 20 / 10). I have the Shure SE215 (affordable and so great for exercise and quick band sessions) and I have other expensive CIEMs (Custom in-ear monitors) and earphones with detachable cables which don’t come with MMCX. While they are still amazing to listen to, they just don’t always give me the confidence to hang my earphones around my neck in the event that one of the $1000+ earbuds drops off the cable. 2 Pin cables make me too nervous.

Another reason the MMCX cables are so good is they are a universal fitting. You can use a Shure Cable with a Westone earphone or a Westone MMCX Bluetooth cable with a cheap pair of Yinyoo or FiiO earphones. I swap my cable between my UM Pro 50 and W60s depending on the need I have.

You might be looking for an MMCX cable as a replacement for your in-ear monitors or just for your audiophile iems.

I have collated for you the best MMCX cables and give you a selection that includes wired models, Bluetooth MMCX and MMCX with mic included. Others in the list might not be the best but they might be affordable, and sometimes that’s all a lot of people need.

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Why trust me? I do own, have owned and have sold countless MMCX cables from small Chinese brands like Tennmak to the Shure RMCE-BT2 and Westone MMCX Bluetooth V2 cable. My experience is real from over 20 years in high-end audio sales and live music performance.

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MMCX Cables – Wired

Starting off with the MMCX cable most people will use for personal listening or live in-ear monitor work which will be a wired version. Shure and Westone ship these included by default and Westone usually ship 2 cables – one with an inline microphone. Often you’ll only need this as a replacement MMCX cable. Shure ship a version of the SE846 earphones with the RMCE-BT1 cable – RMCE-BT2 soon enough no doubt. Also good for UE900s etc. I’ll probably do a full list of compatible earphones at the bottom if time allows.

1: Linsoul Tripowin Zonie 16 Core Silver Plated MMCX Cable

KINBOOFI 6 Core Silver Plated MMCX Cable

Starting with a winning MMCX cable that is also one of the most affordable and effective. The Linsoul come in silver or gold braided SPC wire (silver plated copper). This is a follow up from the Tripowin C8 which was also popular and affordable. Not a lot more to say here – if you have less than $20 to spend then this comes highly recommended – almost for thread count alone.

2: KINBOOFI 6 Core Silver Plated MMCX Cable

KINBOOFI 6 Core Silver Plated MMCX Cable

Staying cheap for one more pair. For under $25 these are a simple choice with a silver-plated offering. This will fit the full Shure range 215, 315, 425, 535 and SE846, and the Westone range and anything else that has MMCX connectors. 3.5mm or 2.5mm jack plug as standard depending on which model you choose.

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Interestingly they also do an affordable 2 pin cable, but we’re not here for that.

MMCX Cables with Bluetooth

3: Shure RMCE-BT2 Bluetooth MMCX Cable

Shure RMCE-BT2 Bluetooth MMCX Cable

This would be our first choice in the well-known brand’s section. aptX HD (with aptX compatible source device e.g. Android) and AAC (perfect for iPhone owners) and SBC enabled Bluetooth MMCX cable.

This is Bluetooth 5 with backwards compatibility (The RMCE-BT1 was Bluetooth 4.1). The battery life is around 10 hours which is less than some but, to be honest, I’ve never run a Bluetooth cable long enough to flatten it and if it is going flat you get a warning.

The Bluetooth dongle comes with a shirt clip so you have can attach it to your label or collar or T-Shirt top so it’s much more comfortable to wear in all situations.

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Compatible with the full Shure earphone range – SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535 and SE846 and any other MMCX connector earphone.

Has an inline microphone for calls but I’ve never found that Bluetooth MMCX cables with a mic have the best quality so don’t expect too much from any of the Bluetooth models.

4: Westone Bluetooth MMCX Cable - V2

Westone V2 Bluetooth MMCX Cable

Westone V1 Bluetooth MMCX cable had some issues and we had quite a few returns for it. The V2 was better – if you get a problem cable get it changed as we’ve never had a second unit fail. Most worked the first time no problem. Just being honest with you here. It’s a good cable with solid features and deserves a mention. Good battery life and Qualcomm aptX HD Audio (if you have an aptX compatible source device).

Great for a workout with sweat resistance and a 10M range, which is pretty standard.

This is a Bluetooth 5 cable so it’s the highest currently available Bluetooth audio encoding option. Has a mic on it with controls for music and volume.

5: MEE Pro BTC2 Bluetooth Wireless MMCX Cable

MEE Pro BTC2 Bluetooth Wireless MMCX Cable

We used to sell a lot of the MEE M6 Pro earphones which were a very affordable in-ear monitor for music lovers or musicians. They have an MMCX connector and so the MEE Pro MMCX Bluetooth cable is also from a line of great quality but very affordable headphone gear.

This is also Bluetooth 5 with IPX 5 water rating (light water pressure) so it’s good for exercise or sweaty live concerts. Compatible with their MX Pro Series and M6 PRO (and MMCX connector compatible earphones). These are Qualcomm aptX compatible.

This cable has an inline microphone and controls to pause, play skips, change volume etc. 9 hours of talk and 8.5 hours of listening time places this at the lower end of the competition but again, for the price and quality it’s a great choice and who listens to music for 8.5 hours without a chance to charge – even on the flight to London I’d have a chance to charge these.

Big fan of MME audio products and never had an earphone, headphone or cable returned to us when selling them.

MMCX Cables with Mic

6: MEE Audio MX PRO MMCX Cable with Mic and Remote

MEE Audio MX PRO MMCX Cable with Mic and Remote

I can’t believe I’m recommending an MMCX cable with mic for under $15 but it’s happening. Again my respect for MME Audio shows up by putting this cable on the list. Comes with inline mic and remote to control you music and calls.

Designed as a replacement cable for the M6 PRO earphone, this cable will suit other earphone models too.

52 inches long with a 3.5mm TRRS plug. Only comes in black but you know, black is the new black…

7: Shure RMCE-UNI MMCX Cable with Mic - Android + Apple

No need to choose between android or apple phones and devices with the Shure RMCE-UNI MMCX cable as it’s designed for both. It comes with a switch on the base so you can change from the 3 button iPhone format to a 1 button Android format. It’s pretty darn creative really.

Designed as an alternate cable or replacement cable for the Shure SE range, the RMCE-UNI will work with MMCX compatible earphones and in-ears.

In-line mic and buttons for playback control while listening. This is not an externally braided cable, rather a smooth finish which is typical of Shure cables for their full range.

3.5mm jack plug and a cable length of 50 inches (127 cm). Shure has always provided generous cable lengths which are particularly great for musicians..and people with long torsos…

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Premium MMCX Cables

8: FiiO LC-3.5C MMCX Cable

FiiO LC-3.5C MMCX Cable

FiiO have had a place in our audiophile collection for a while. I used to sell a lot of their headphone amps and dacs since before even the X7 digital audio player (DAP). Their dealers always had the best customer support and the products never came back as faulty.

This audiophile MMCX cable is a hand woven, 8 strand cable for your IEMs. The hand woven bit is pretty impressive and makes me think about a raft of eunuchs around a long manufacturing cable in the clouds with bright lights and angels singing. A mass produced cable that is hand woven get’s my vote.

The cable is silver plated copper, giving it excellent sound transference.

The FiiO cable comes with 2.5mm balanced, 3.5 single and 4.4mm balanced connectors.

MMCX Assist Tool

If you’ve used MMCX cables a lot you appreciate there are times they just don’t want to behave themselves. Someone heard the cries of audiophiles across the world and created an MMCX tool to remove MMCX cables from earbuds.

Available from Zeppelin & Co. currently.

MMCX Assist Tool
MMCX Cable Assist Tool


You could list MMCX cables for a long time. The idea of this post is to highlight the top-selling units that we think stand out as best picks.

It’s also not meant to be a high-end list although we may add some more pricey unit in the future.

If you have any questions or comments add them below and we can get into it.

Shure RMCE-BT2 Bluetooth MMCX Cable
Shure RMCE-BT2 Bluetooth MMCX Cable
Build Quality
Audio Quality

This post was last updated on 2022-01-24 / Some images from Amazon Product API & some links may be affiliate links which may earn us a commission from purchases.

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9 thoughts on “Best MMCX Cables – Wired, Bluetooth and with Mic”

  1. Mark, I have switched up from the Shure BT-1 to the Shure BT-2. The sound quality is amazing paired with my Shure SE425. My problem is that they just don’t seem to go loud enough for aging ears. Is there a MMCX bluetooth cable with a more powerful amp to boost that volume up while maintaining the quality of sound I get from my BT-2’s? Thanks…

    1. Hi Jay – not that I know of but unofficial another update is that Shure may not release a BT-3 Bluetooth cable or anymore Bluetooth cables and rather focus on true wireless. Unconfirmed but that’s the word from them.

      I’m surprised they are quieter than your BT-1s? The source is the same I’m guessing?

      1. I am not sure the BT-1’s were any louder, but they were a little harsh on the highs. Which I think made them feel louder. There is no doubt that the BT-2’s have a much warmer sound. I don’t understand the true wireless thing, although I hear(grapevine, not literal) the Cambridge Melomania have close to audiophile sound. I think I will give Shure at least one generation until I jump into those waters. Thank you for your input

        1. No problem. I did just do a fair bit of research on the Cambridge Melomania (and asked to get a PR set to trial and review to no avail… ). I too have heard they sound great but it seems the hardware might not be quite there yet. Personally, I did just get a pair of Apple AirPods Pro to compliment my Westone W60’s with an MMCX Bluetooth cable for those times that practicality exceeds sound quality. I also tried the Sony WF-10000xm3 which sounded better than the AirPods Pro but didn’t fit as well.

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