Beyerdynamic Xelento: High-End In-Ears With High-End Looks

Beyerdynamic Xelento

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The headphone specialist Beyerdynamic has just unveiled two latest productions for the Xelento lineup, the flagship Xelento Remote, and the Xelento Wireless in-ear headphones. 

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Extra-long battery life of up to 11 hours on one single charge, charging case with Qi charging function. Bluetooth 5.2, Alexa Built-in, Google Fast Pair and latest audio codecs such as Qualcomm aptX Adaptive & AAC.

And the wireless headphones roar high-end in every angle! Beyerdynamic has handcrafted these new wireless in-ears in the Heilbronn headquarters in Germany. 

For the manufacturing process, the brand has utilized “jewel-like” buds that promise high-resolution sound, a 24-carat gold logo, and the latest Tesla transducer technology. As you can see, the brand has not skimped on any corners.

Beyerdynamic Xelento
Source: Beyerdynamic

This updated pair of Xelento Wireless in-ears are pitched square at streamers. The pair integrates Bluetooth 5.2 for connectivity, which means that the connection will be highly stable with the source. 

That is not all! Bluetooth 5.2 will also ensure low overall latency. Along with that, you have 14 hours of playback, which is a lot for wireless headphones. The pair features a built-in AKM DAC and supports high-quality audio codecs, including aptX HD and LHDC.

Beyerdynamic Xelento
Source: Beyerdynamic

Thanks to the neckband design, the Xelento Wireless will stay secure with your ears and neck while you are on the move. However, if you think that the Xelento wireless is not fancy enough for you, you have the Xelento Remote model.

Beyerdynamic has opted for silver-coated wires for the Xelento Remote. It also comes with a 4.4 millimeters Pentaconn cable, which will enable you to connect it to a high-end digital music player directly. 

Beyerdynamic Xelento
Source: Beyerdynamic

You can even use the cable to connect the Xelento Remote with other balanced HiFi components. Now, Beyerdynamic is providing such a great cable because you will need a solid music source to get the most out of the Xelento. 

The headphones simply do not shine with an average-quality music player. That said, the last Remote model from Beyerdynamic was a massive hit. 

It got five stars from most of the reviewers. And the new Tesla.11 driver is said to be the brand’s most compact Tesla driver. However, Beyerdynamic stated that the size does not reduce the capability of the driver. 

Beyerdynamic Xelento
Source: Beyerdynamic

It still packs the same amount of punch. Nonetheless, there are other features present on the Xelentos. There is support for three voice assistants: Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant

Thanks to that, you can give hands-free commands to the microphone. And you will be pretty amazed by the fit of the new headphones.

Beyerdynamic packed the box with three pairs of memory foam tips and seven pairs of silicone ear tips. The latter is said to be newly developed, which means they will offer better comfort and fit.

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