Bose Turn the Dial Campaign: Aims to Close Gender Gap in Music

Bose Turn the Dial Campaign

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A recent analysis of the popular songs of the last decade found that only 2.8% of all the songs were from women. 

Bose took that study further and showed lower numbers last year. Only 2.3% of the top 100 hits were from women. That is how Bose Turn the Dial came to be.

Bose believes sound is one of the most powerful forces on earth. However, it will never reach its full potential unless people create it without considering diversity. 

Bose Turn the Dial Campaign
Source: Bose

Well, Bose Turn the Dial is an initiative that will address the barriers causing this deficit. The initiative wants to bring awareness to the issue and seek new opportunities for non-binary and women music producers

The end goal is to make these groups create music that deserves to be heard. For the Bose Turn the Dial campaign, the sound expert partnered with trailblazing artists and the producers of H.E.R, BLOND:ISH, PinkPantheress, and WondaGurl. 

With these partners, Bose Turn the Dial wants to highlight the importance of the initiative and inspire the next generation of creators.

Bose Turn the Dial Campaign
Source: Bose

However, the initiative will come to life with the partnership with She is The Music. It is a non-profit organization that has a mission to expand the number of women working as professional artists.

Working together, She is The Music and Bose will cultivate a ‘Sound is Power Impact Board.’ This board will be full of accomplished music artists, producers, and repertoire (A&R) executives. 

And this board will provide a pipeline for the next generation of non-binary and women music producers to ensure they can elevate their music.

Bose Turn the Dial Campaign
Source: Bose

According to Ann Mincieli, She Is The Music, Founder and Grammy award-winning engineer, “She Is The Music is committed to creating change for women and non-binary artists, and building an equal future for music — but in order to truly make an impact, it requires collaboration from leaders across the industry.”

Furthermore, with Bose Turn the Dial campaign, the up-and-coming non-binary and women producers will get hundreds of production kits.

These kits will include headphones and music production software, ensuring the groups have all it takes to create sounds that deserve to be heard.

Bose Turn the Dial Campaign
Source: Bose

To get the initiative full-fledged, Bose is launching a creative campaign. It calls out the gender disparities that remain within music production. 

And it imagines a world where all the producers have equal representation. The spot feature commentary from H.E.R, BLOND:ISH, WondaGurl, and PinkPantheress.

There will be music written and arranged by H.E.R with additional production from WondaGurl.

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