Cambridge Audio CX Series 2 Black Edition Launched

CXA61 Cambridge Audio CX Series 2

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Cambridge Audio, the British HiFi, has just launched the limited Black Edition of the CX Series 2. And in case you didn’t know, Cambridge Audio CX Series 2 includes a lot of audio devices.

That includes the CXC CD Transport, CXN Network Player, and CXA81 and CXA61 Integrated amps. All of these HiFi products are available from March. 

However, do not expect the limited edition to be available for too long. After all, it is a limited edition finish.

CXA61 Cambridge Audio CX Series 2
CXA61; Source: Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio has only made 1000 units from each device in the CX Series 2. All the products, in the limited edition color, will be available worldwide. 

And with each purchase of the limited edition Cambridge audio CX Series 2 products, you will get a certificate. That will showcase the authenticity of the product. So, what is so great about the new limited edition color? 

You will find a stylish aluminum front plate on the Cambridge Audio CX Series 2 Black Edition. This plate will come in a matte black finish. And Cambridge Audio has combined the look with a shimmering black gloss spot, which says ‘CX BLACK EDITION.’

CXA61 Cambridge Audio CX Series 2
CXA61; Source: Cambridge Audio

There is a dual texture effect on the limited edition products of Cambridge Audio CX Series 2. This effect makes each of the devices stand out from the competition.

According to the ex-Managing Director and current CEO of Cambridge Audio, Stuart George, “Since we stopped making black HiFi products, people have been asking us to bring them back. We decided to do this limited run, in response to that demand, and I have to say, they look pretty damn cool. People love CX, and this finish takes it to the next level.”

Now, the components of the Cambridge Audio CX Series 2 limited edition products are the same. That means you will find a difference in performance compared to the Lunar Grey editions.

CXA81 Cambridge Audio CX Series 2
CXA81; Source: Cambridge Audio

That said, if you want an overview of the products, let’s start with the CXA61 from the  Cambridge Audio CX Series 2. 

It can offer 60 watts per channel. With Sabre Sabre ES9010 DAC and class AB amplification, it can offer you the most from the audio.

Then, there is the CXA81 in the CX Series 2. This integrated stereo amplifier offers 80 watts per channel and boasts balanced XLR inputs. It also comes with Bluetooth aptX HD input.

CXA81 Cambridge Audio CX Series 2
CXA81; Source: Cambridge Audio

Moving on, you have the CXN V2. It is a Roon Ready network player that has flexible digital connectivity. The player also has direct support for Spotify Connect, Quboz, and Tidal connect.

Finally, the Cambridge Audio CX Series 2 has CXC. It offers high-quality audio from music CDs with a custom-designed S3 Servo, gapless playback, and digital S/PDIF coaxial and optical output.

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