Magician-Inspired Watch Series – CIGA Design Launches Its Indiegogo Campaign

CIGA Magician Watch Mans Wrist

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The mechanical watch niche has always been popular since the creation of portable devices. But among all the brands offering these high-end watches, CIGA Design is one of the most prominent brands.

Now, if you were looking to get your hands on a unique mechanical watch, you will be glad to know that CIGA Design recently announced its new series of watches: the M-series. And the best part is that the award-winning watch brand has also launched an Indiegogo campaign for the series.

While the retail price for the M-series watch is set between $600-$900, you can score it for a deal through Indiegogo. And the great news is that you will not even have to wait that long for the campaign to go live. CIGA Design plans to start it in August, which is just a couple of weeks away!

About CIGA Design

CIGA Design with luminous light design
CIGA Design with luminous light design | Source: CIGA Design; M-series

Founded by Zhang Jianmin, CIGA Design received the name of China’s Top 10 est Industrial Designers back in 2016. Being the first original designer for wristwatches in China, CIGA Design redefined the aesthetics behind the wristwatches by integrating modern mechanical art into them.

The team basically rebuilds wristwatches that are a true timepiece for the Z generation. And they aim to make their watches express the personalities and beliefs of the wearer through a philosophy.

That philosophy basically states that design combines perception and the rational while thinking out of the box.

So far, CIGA Design has achieved 17 different international design awards for its original designs. Through that, the brand has set a record among Chinese wristwatch makers.

CIGA Magician Watch on Man holding to camera
Magician-Inspired Watch Series - CIGA Design Launches Its Indiegogo Campaign 7

One of the latest successes of CIGA Designs is the “Blue Planet” series. It was the Challenge Watch Prize bearer in Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG). CIGA designs were the first Chinese brand to be awarded the top award in the global watch sector.

Nonetheless, CIGA Design currently teams up with ten of the top designers from nine different countries. Thanks to this collaboration, they never failed to offer artistic mechanical wristwatches that genuinely make a statement.

The Magic Behind CIGA Design’s Magician-Inspired Watch

So, what is so magical about the magician-inspired watch? CIGA Design has just made a breakthrough in terms of the design and construction of the watch.

Three-in-One Design

CIGA Design three unique cases front face
CIGA Design three unique cases | Source: CIGA Design; M-series

It includes an inner movement unit and will come with multiple external cases. To be exact, you will get three watch cases with the purchase.

That would eventually mean that the watch can be converted into three different styles. However, there will be no need to go through too many hassles when it comes to changing the style of the watch.

The M-Series watch comes with a flexible mechanical replacement mechanism. That will allow you to change the casing with just the press of two buttons.

Each of the watch cases has its own aesthetics. And all of them blend exceptionally well with the precise movement unit. So, you will be wearing a piece of art in your hands.

Now, the reason why this mechanical replacement mechanism is so magical is that it is a pretty unique thing in the watch industry. Watchmakers have made the timepiece wearers stick with one design throughout the years.

And what CIGA Design is here is to change that by offering a new, unlocked, and magic-like timepiece.

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