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Coppice Audio X1: Great Build Quality and Solid Overall Performance

Coppice Audio X1

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It would be pretty natural for you not to know anything about Coppice. The company came out to the world just last year. Although it is relatively new, it has a big goal: to build speakers with equally enticing looks as the sound. And the Coppice Audio X1 is truly a great-looking speaker.

The speakers feature the construction of sustainably sourced Ash Wood. According to the manufacturer, the wood is from the lower slopes of Malvern. 

And as the material is homegrown, the brand is capable of ensuring the quality at the level max. There is no laminated MDF on the speaker. Instead, you will be getting a totally naturally-looking floor-standing speaker.

Coppice Audio X1
Source: Coppice Audio

In fact, the speakers will arrive in a company-made wooden box. The speakers get such an excellent build quality because the creators of the Coppice Audio X1 are joiners/carpenters by trade. 

And they are capable of providing such great wood because they own three acres of woodland. First, they started to experiment with making furniture. It started with growing wooden stands from out of the branches of the trees. Then, the creators started to look into the audio world.

With the talks regarding the build quality out of the way, let’s focus on the design of the Coppice Audio X1. The boxes basically have a 1-inch fabric dome and six and a ½ inches high excursion paper cone

Coppice Audio X1
Source: Coppice Audio

There is a letter-box-type port at the rear of the speakers. And they come with a single Rhodium plated connector. In other words, there is no bi-wiring.

In order to make sure that the 22 mm thick wood is capable of producing great sounds, the brand has opted for a small kiln on the Coppice Audio X1. 

That is there to remove any of the moisture that might cause movement on the wood. There is proper sealing on the inside of the cabinet as well.

Initially, the brand found that there was too much resonance and movement in the wood. But after the final arrangements, Coppice was capable of resorting to that issue with the X1.

But what about the sound? Well, it will not disappoint you! The Coppice Audio X1 has 8-ohm speakers, which produce a fully energetic but very controlled bass. 

The vocals from the speakers are not only clear but very smooth. And let’s not forget that the Coppice Audio X1 has a 2nd order crossover. The crossover point is at 1800 Hz, which works exceptionally well for producing a great sound.

Coppice Audio X1
Source: Coppice Audio

On that note, the crossover wiring on the Coppice Audio X1 is in a point-to-point configuration. And the brand has utilized 99.9 percent pure copper combined with polyethylene dielectric for the crossover. 

Overall, the X1 is a great set of speakers. They feature stellar build quality, and the sound quality definitely lives up to the excellent build that the speakers have.

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