Cyrus Audio PSU-XR Sound Upgrade for Your XR Components!

Cyrus Audio PSU-XR

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The British HiFi brand, Cyrus Audio, has just announced the PSU-XR. It is the first power supply that is from the brand that comes with a dedicated built-in microprocessor. 

And for this microprocessor, the Cyrus Audio PSU-XR will be able to talk to the XR components it will connect to.

According to Cyrus Audio, this communication between the power supply and the audio component will offer “the best configuration of power sources demanded by the host product.”

Cyrus Audio PSU-XR
Source: Cyrus Audio

Basically, Cyrus Audio PSU-XR aims to offer the highest amount of flexibility. For its microprocessor, it will be able to pair up seamlessly with all the products that are within the current Cyrus XR range.

But what about the future devices that will merge into the lineup? Well, Cyrus Audio PSU-XR is also future-proofed. All the upcoming XR products, including the highly-anticipated Blu-OS XR streaming, will work with the power supply. 

All you need to do is install a simple software update. In other words, this power supply will offer a prolonged service life.

Cyrus Audio PSU-XR
Source: Cyrus Audio

As with the other products of the XR series, the audio specialist has kept the perfection factor with the PSU-XR. Cyrus audio designed the power supply to offer as low noise as possible.

The output voltages of the Cyrus Audio PSU-XR are digitally controlled. Thanks to that, they will be virtually noise-free and highly stable. At least, that is what Cyrus is stating.

According to the Head of R&D of Cyrus Audio, Ceri Williamson, “The PSU-XR is our best-performing power supply, capable of providing up to 60% more power than the PSX-R2 and due to its revolutionary design, is up to 50% more efficient.”

Cyrus Audio PSU-XR
Source: Cyrus Audio

Wondering what the specification of the Cyrus Audio PSU-XR is like? It has a low voltage supply of +5V DC during the standby and operational modes. 

The fixed voltage supply is 0V during the standby mode and +24V DC during the operational mode.

Besides that, the variable supply is 0V during the standby mode, the regulated range is from +10V to +45V DC, and the unregulated range is +45V or +56V DC. 

Cyrus Audio PSU-XR
Source: Cyrus Audio

Furthermore, the overall size is pretty much within the compact range. It is 75 H x 215 W x 355 D mm. And it weighs 7.7 kg or 17 lbs.

The HiFi brand will demonstrate the Cyrus Audio PSU-XR will at the Bristol HiFi show. That show is about start on 24th February and will run till 26th February. 

Cryus Audio will also showcase the rest of the XR lineup. So, if you are there, do not miss out on checking out this amazing PSU.

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