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Dali will Announce the Flagship Kore Speaker at Next Month’s High-End Munich Show

Dali Announced the Flagship Kore Speaker at Next Month's High-End Munich Show

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DALI decided that they would be bringing their newest member of the DALI family, Kore, to Munich High End 2022. The DALI Callisto series is the company’s first high-end active speaker system.

The HIGH END, the world-acclaimed audio exhibition, is unmatched in terms of setting the bar for high-end music reproduction. For four decades, it has provided inspiration and incentive to manufacturers, dealers, and users of high-quality consumer electronics. 

The four-day exhibition in May brings together the whole world of audio specialists and professionals in Munich to see hundreds of exhibitors from over 40 different nations showcasing their newest developments in the MOC event center’s halls and atriums.

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Dali Announced the Flagship Kore Speaker at Next Month's High-End Munich Show

With High-End Munich ready to return for the first time in three years next month, the largest annual hi-fi festival in Europe is certain to return with a boom and lots of new product announcements in store for us. And it’s already known which one to watch for — Dali’s all-new flagship speaker.

Dali is unsurprisingly keeping details about its range-topper under wraps until its official unveiling, but its teaser is appropriately tantalizing, stating that this “powerhouse” speaker “incorporates new Dali technologies and sets new standards for loudspeaker design, high fidelity, and performance.”

The 2012-released Epicons blew us away: the Epicon 8 was “engaging and thrilling, and provided dramatic sound on a grand scale,” while the Epicon 2 was even more competitive in its area.

Given Dali’s use of the term “powerhouse” for the Kore, we anticipate its new flagship to have a similarly muscular, exuberant personality.

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While the attention will surely be on the Kore model(s), Dali will also use May’s Munich event to display the Equi active wireless surround system powered by BluOS, which the company revealed late last year.

Currently, the Epicon 8 floorstander is the apex of Dali’s offering, followed by three further Epicon models.

Kore has still to be verified as a solitary floorstander or a series of speakers and as a replacement for Epicon or a step up from it, but in any case, we’re curious to hear how far Dali’s engineering ability has advanced in the last decade.

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Dali Announced the Flagship Kore Speaker at Next Month's High-End Munich Show

DALI is an abbreviation for Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries, a maker of high-end loudspeakers based in Denmark. Peter Lyngdorf created the firm in 1983 in an effort to meet the Hi-Fi community’s ever-increasing expectations for audio quality.

The company loudspeakers have historically been distributed largely in Scandinavia, but the business has lofty ambitions to become one of the world’s biggest loudspeaker producers. As of 2011, DALI was represented in over 65 countries worldwide.

(Image Credit: Dali Speakers)

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