Denon Expands Its Audio Portfolio With Nura Headphones Acquisition

Denon AH-GC25NC

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Acquisitions in the audio industry are quite common. And in most cases, the acquisitions lead to better product offerings and a big push toward innovation. 

For example, after Apple acquired Beats in 2014, it laid the foundation for the success of the AirPods. The same could happen with Denon and its acquisition of Nura headphones.

At the core, Nura is the maker of self-learning headphones. The company offers headphones that come with personalised listening technology. 

Denon AH-GC25W
AH-GC25W; Source: Denon

They also come with otoacoustic emission measuring technology to enhance the users’ overall experience.

The idea behind the self-learning headphones is that they are tuned specifically for each wearer. So, instead of making and working a generic EQ, Nura Headphones gave control to its users.

As a result, all the users could hear the most from their favourite tracks. People with different sensitivities also saw benefits from these headphones.

Denon AH-GC30
AH-GC30; Source: Denon

On that note, the products from Nura headphones accomplished this ability through the sensitive microphones. They measure the otoacoustic emissions from your cochlea. 

The faint sounds produced by the inner ear as a byproduct of amplified sound help the headphones determine which frequencies you are sensitive to. And Denon could take this tech further.

The headphones can even determine the sound frequencies that you are less sensitive to. After running the hearing measurement test, Nura headphones will play back tunes that are based on your unique hearing abilities. 

Denon AH-D1200
AH-D1200; Source: Denon

This profile will later be stored on the device and will be automatically applied to the song you play on the headphones. According to the Brand President of Denon, Trip Randall, “Nura’s technology perfectly complements Denon’s mission to expand human experiences through acoustic innovation.” 

He further states, “We’ve been committed to sound engineering for 113 years and counting, and we know that personalised audio is the future. This evolution with Nura is a natural fit as we innovate for the most discerning audio consumers and push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

Now, if you take a look back, Denon is a part of Sound United. And a global medical technology company named Masimo acquired Sound United last summer. 

Denon AH-D5200
AH-D5200; Source: Denon

But Nura could be the most exciting acquisition of the entire chain. The addition to the technology of Nura in the Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology could bring out wonders.

Denon could finally bring out products that can closely address users’ unique hearing needs. And that will eventually let everyone get a redefined and fully customised music-listening experience.

Moreover, Denon has a great experience in the audio engineering process. That could push the limits of the products even further. Hopefully, we will get a glimpse of the new tech through the first product featuring Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology.

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