Dirac and Dolby Atmos Collab: Immersive Automotive Audio Systems are About to Get Better!

Dirac and Dolby Atmos

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Dirac Automative has made a couple of announcements at the CES that took place this year. They unraveled many things at the show. But among all, the one that took all of the attention was the collaboration between Dirac and Dolby. 

Basically, the announcement was all about demonstrating a high-quality immersive audio experience that automotive users have wanted for so long.

Both Dirac and Dolby Atmos have invested a lot in forming the technologies that will offer the best overall sound experience. 

And they did not stick to one niche. Instead, they have been working for decades to provide a high-quality sound experience in all spaces, including homes and cars.

Dirac and Dolby Atmos
Source: Dirac

And with this collaboration, Dirac and Dolby Atmos are now showcasing all advancements that they have made so far.

The collab consists of the patented audio algorithms from Dirac and Dolby Atmos. Those promises to offer an immersive in-vehicle audio listening experience. 

And to let the world know what the collaboration can bring to the table, Dirac and Dolby Atmos are showcasing demo vehicles worldwide.

To date, Dirac and Dolby Atmos have addressed many of the challenges and difficulties that automatic audio systems face in all directions. 

And to make the sound system get an upgrade, Dirac has opted for digital signal processing, which will even overcome the acoustic challenges that car systems have at the moment.

For example, many systems offer muddled sounds for suboptimal positioning of the speakers. Most systems even have reflective surfaces all around, which lowers the overall quality of the sound. 

Dirac and Dolby Atmos
Source: Dirac

And Dirac has managed to address them all. With the upgrade, the systems will reproduce sound without the unwanted colorations. And the best part is that Dirac has managed to offer that without needing to upgrade the hardware.

Dolby Atmos also has a big role to play. Dolby has totally revamped the way that artists create their music. Instead of recording in stereo, Dolby allowed each channel for sound, vocals, or instruments.

That basically lets the audio file get a higher depth and eliminates the limitations of only two channels. As a result, each sound can be placed at any place in the three-dimensional space. That makes the audio more immersive.

Dirac and Dolby Atmos
Source: Dirac

According to Dirac and Dolby Atmos, the collaboration is “an immersive in-car music listening experience, establishing a new standard in automotive audio.” 

And with all of the technologies and advancements both the brands are offering, it seems like the collab has a lot to offer. The sound performance of in-car audio will get optimized, making the car a natural place to listen to music, which is how it always should have been!

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