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Dirac X boAT: Immersive Sound Experience To All boATheads?

Dirac X boAT: Immersive Sound Experience To All boATheads

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The #1 ranked wireless hearable brand, Imagine Marketing Limited, has announced that they w ital audio company Dirac. This collaboration mainly focuses on integrating Dirac’s audio-optimized solution ins boAT’s next-gen audio devices.

But what exactly does Dirac has to offer? Well, some of the world’s leading consumer technology has already leveraged Dirac’s optimized solutions. In fact, the audio solutions from Dirac are one of the go-to options for many. However, this collab will basically initiate Dirac’s debut in the Indian audio market.

On the other hand, boAT aims to provide wide-ranging and high-quality consumer products to Indian audio enthusiasts. They also mentioned that they want to deliver lifestyle-focused products to the mass.

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Dirac X boAT: Immersive Sound Experience To All boATheads

And the company has also said that the first audio device with the Dirac integration will soon be available to the crowd.

That said, the companies plan to kick off the collaboration by integrating Dirac optimized audio solutions to the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) buds and Neckband lineup. Different reports have offered insights regarding Dirac working closely with boAT Labs, which is the in-house development and research team of boAT.

The boAt team comprises 25+ engineers who are working hard to design customized products specifically for Indian consumers. On that note, boAt has a great track record. boAT has a market share that is 48 percent by volume. And all of that market share is from branded earwear devices.

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Dirac X boAT: Immersive Sound Experience To All boATheads

With the industry expertise that boAT possesses, the Dirac-equipped audio products have a high chance of making a proper impact on the market. In fact, according to the team, the Dirac-equipped boAT products will provide aspirational and high-quality lifestyle-focused products to Indian consumers at different accessible price points.

The fact that they are bringing the products at accessible price points can surely paint a broad picture regarding how successful this collab can actually be. It can be the next big thing, and it will surely be the talk of the town for a prolonged amount of time.

Another thing that you should note from the collab is that the companies are exploring ways to integrate the Dirac solutions into headphone designs. That includes Dirac Virtuo and Dirac Opteo. The Dirac Viruto is the technology that aims to deliver a stellar spatial audio experience to headphone users. And it does with any standard stereo content, which is a pretty impressive thing.

On the other hand, Dirac Opteo aims to enhance the sound performance of the headphones by removing all of the unintended colorations and resonances. After that, the headphone gets a more balanced and transparent sound, which offers a stellar experience to a headphone user.

(Image Credit: boAT)

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