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Earphones and Headphones Market Revenue to See Two Times Growth by 2028

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According to the research of Global Market Insights, the market revenue of earphones and headphones will surpass USD 175 Bn by the year 2028. Currently, the market value is at USD 85 Bn. In other words, the increase is about 2.06 times. The research also states loads of things that are undoubtedly valuable for avid headphone and audio accessories users.

Firstly, the research notes that the technological upgrades will make the headphones and earphones market see a massive boost during the forecasted timeframe. Companies are already investing in R&D activities to improve their existing lineup. For that reason, we are seeing a lot of innovation in wireless headphone tech.

But the current condition is not where the market is going to stop. Companies are going all-in in this department. For example, Grado Labs announced in November 2021 an upgrade for their RS1x and RS2x series. The brand has also brought light to their 4th generation 44 mm and 50mm X drivers that will power the RS2x series and RS1x lineup.

Earphones and Headphones Market Revenue to See Two Times Growth by 2028
Global Marketing Insights publishes in-depth market research on business trends and future developments

With this upgrade in the audio drivers, the brand promises to offer a massive improvement in audio quality, magnetic power capabilities, sturdiness, and overall tuning of the sound. The advancement in terms of audio technology will also drive the brand’s engagement with its customers.

There is already rising demand for high-end headphones in North America. That is why big names such as Apple, Audio-Technica, and Sony Corporation, are now emphasizing improving their audio lineup. This demand for high-end audio accessories will also play a crucial role in supporting the overall market value.

The main highlights of the market report are:

  • The integration of advanced technologies, such as touchless sensors and AI, will propel the industry revenue for headphones and earphones. With this integration, brands are basically developing features that will enhance the overall user experience.
  • Introducing a new range of products in the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) buds and wireless headphones segment will enhance the market progression of headphones and earphones. Several industry players are already expanding their audio technology to offer improved connectivity range, battery life, and sound quality.
  • The rising demand from the corporate section will support the overall market size. To enhance the after-sales services of the automobile, military, IT, and e-commerce platforms are establishing support centers. That will stimulate more product demand by establishing a proper connection with the end-users.
  • Growing adoption of the eCommerce platforms will augment the overall industrial value. It seems that more customers are now shifting towards online sites to get their electronic goods. Discounts and home delivery services are the main reasons behind this.
  • The high consumption of content through Over The Top platforms will amplify the product demand throughout the years. Eventually, it will increase the technological requirements to get a stellar overall sound experience.

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