Edifier Brings the Legendary Audio Brand STAX Back to Life With S3


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Release Date
February 24, 2022
STAX Spirit S3
3.34 lbs
12.64 x 11.02 x 7.28 in

Edifier is one of the most innovative audio specialists in the industry. The team is always searching for innovation and puts effort into perfecting their audio lineup. 

And in search of perfection, the brand has now recently revived STAX with the release of S3, the brand’s first-ever premium HiFi headphones. 

However, S3 is not just any other HiFi headphones you will find in the market. It is aimed at audiophiles and focuses on bringing absolute audio fidelity to your ears. 

New Release

Groundbreaking is one way to describe the Edifier STAX S3. A wireless and portable Planar Magnetic headphone which ticks all the boxes including a massive 80 hour battery life. Oh yeah.

Source: Edifier

Due to the main target of the S3, it will not be just for the HiFi enthusiasts. Instead, it will be a good pick for music lovers, producers, and musicians as well.

Now, you might be wondering who STAX exactly is. The STAX team is legendary in Japan. They were well-known for offering electrostatic headphones, otherwise known as EARSPEAKERS, which were the first of their kind. 

In fact, STAX was always the first to appear in every significant sonic innovation topic. So, you can imagine how innovative the brand actually was. So, where does Edifier step in? Edifier acquired the brand back in 2012.  

Source: Edifier

Nonetheless, the S3 will go in the STAX SPIRIT lineup. And it does a proper job of continuing the legacy and tradition that STAX has built around. Inspired by the delicacy of precise electrostatic technology, the S3 can achieve a high level of audio fidelity. 

The level that it can offer is pretty much unheard of at the price point it is coming at. Other than that, the S3 utilizes finely tuned Planar technology. 

This technology combines the benefits of Electrostatic and Dynamic drivers to offer surprisingly detailed lower frequencies. When it comes to high-frequency performance, you can expect it to be stable, consistent, and clearer than most of the other headphones that are in this range.

Edifier has also made the S3 integrate a combination of audio technology from Snapdragon. That includes the three patented planar drivers, innovative acoustic-friendly materials, and Hi-resolution audio technology.

Source: Edifier

With all of these packed in a single offer, you will enjoy a totally lossless, low distortion, and genuinely memorable audio experience.

Furthermore, The S3 weighs approximately 329 grams. And compared to the traditional plan headphones, this pair of headphones is exceptionally light. It achieves such a lightweight nature for the carbon fiber casing. But the casing is not just there to lower the weight. It also ensures a comfortable overall fit and long lifespan.

You will also find Bluetooth 5.2 in the S3. This Bluetooth technology will offer a multi-connectivity feature, which you will not find in most traditional planar headphones

Along with that, the battery can offer up to 80 hours of run time. So, there will not be any unexpected interruptions while you are enjoying your favorite tunes lying on the sofa.

Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone, Bluetooth Hi-Fi Headphone with Hi-Res & Snapdragon Sound with Mic for Audiophiles, Home, Studio
Edifier STAX S3 Wireless Headphones

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