Edifier Just Stole The Show in the iF Design Award 2022!

Edifier Just Stole The Show in the iF Design Award 2022!

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So, Edifier just won the iF Design Award three times this year. It is one of the world-renowned design prizes, and the competition for this award is pretty intense. Considering that, winning the award three times is not a small deal at all!

Do not know much about Edifier? The brand specializes in premium audio solutions. And they focus a lot on design. Most of the products showcase audio advancements and steal the eyes of the consumers with the design. 

Nonetheless, iF International Forum Design GmBH is one of the world’s oldest independent design organizations. And this Hanover-based team organizes the iF Design Award every year. However, this time, Edifier was the star of the show.

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Edifier Just Stole The Show in the iF Design Award 2022!

Wondering what devices made Edifier win the awards? Well, they are the MP500+, MC500, and the MP100+. They all have won in the discipline of the Audio. And the category that they reside in is Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Microphone, and Live Streaming Sound Equipment.

The devices won over the 132-member jury. Again, independent experts from all over the world make up the jury. And the devices got this much recognition for making groundbreaking advancements in terms of consumer technology.

On that note, the MC500 was Edifier’s first debut in the live-streaming accessories. It combines a sound card along with an inbuilt mixer.

There is a wide range of features. And let’s not forget the aesthetically pleasing design of the housing. It is pretty robust in terms of looks.

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Edifier Just Stole The Show in the iF Design Award 2022!

Secondly, there is the MP500+. It features a relatively compact and highly portable design. And the best part is that it comes with a diaphragm microphone that is fitted with a crystal-clear cardioid pickup. 

The pickup pattern is known to work like a charm when it comes to picking up voice and isolating the background noises.

Also, the device boasts a three-level reverb control, which includes both wet and dry settings. There are built-in headphone output monitors available as well.

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Edifier Just Stole The Show in the iF Design Award 2022!

Finally, the MP1000+ is a top-of-the-line Bluetooth speaker for young people. It specifically targets young people who love to take part in outdoor activities while jamming to their favorite tunes.

It sports an eye-catching design along with a durable and lightweight casing. Also, the portable speakers sport an IPX7 water-resistance rating.

That said, if you are wondering what the competition was like in the iF Design Award, there were almost 11 thousand entries. And the entries were from brands that were from 57 different countries.

All of them hoped to steal the attention of the jury and achieve something that Edifier has gained this year.

(Image Credit: Edifier)

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