eMeet Focuses on the Remote Workers by Debuting Office Audio Essentials

eMeet Focuses on the Remote Workers by Debuting Office Audio Essentials

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People have come to know how efficient and effective remote working can be. In fact, it is being practiced worldwide at the moment. So, work from home (WFH) has higher chances of becoming normalcy.

However, one of the struggles that many remote workers reports is staying connected with their co-workers. 

Well, eMeet listened! And they have announced five home essentials to help the home-based workers to stay connected and highly productive at the same time.

eMeet acknowledged that connectivity plays a crucial role in remote teamwork. And remote workers that are constantly in meetings and conferences can surely amp up their workstation by getting a smart speaker.

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eMeet M2 Conference Speaker

eMeet says, make conference simple. eMeet M2 conference speaker has a unique design especially for meetings.

But, it will not be possible to boost up a makeshift workstation by getting just any smart speaker. What the remote workers require is something that is non-disruptive. And the eMeet M2 offers everything that a remote worker can ask for from a professional conference Bluetooth speaker.

The M2 boasts an array of Ai-powered microphones that will do a proper job of picking up crystal-clear and noise-free audio. There are a total of four microphones built-in to the unit.

But that is not all! This built-in microphone array sports an acoustic echo canceller that will work like a charm in blocking out unwanted background noises. It can even eliminate echo.

eMeet Focuses on the Remote Workers by Debuting Office Audio Essentials
eMeet brings audio essentials for remote workers

For the remote workers that are on a budget, eMeet has an offering for you as well! The eMeet Luna covers all of the essentials and provides an excellent audio performance. But great audio is not the only thing that makes it appealing. It also has a simple installation process.

The Luna also features an upgraded Voice AI technology, ensuring that your voice is picked up by the microphones clearly. This technology will even do a proper job of canceling the background noise and echo. Also, Luna boasts an intuitive function called auto-vocal-increase.

It will automatically adjust the volume by factoring in the distance of the sound source. So, everyone’s voice will be heard.

However, the audio devices do not just stop there. The new lineup also has eMeet Noise-canceling Wireless Headphones.

These will be a perfect pick for remote workers who want to stay productive and connected while being on the move.

On that note, the drivers of wireless headphones can provide superior audio quality. Paired up with an all-day comfort design and four noise-canceling microphones, you can expect to have a stellar audio meeting session with the headphones. 

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