Enabot EBO X: A Moving Homebot for Your Smart Home

Enabot EBO X

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Enabot is one of the recently emerging companies in the robotics field. And the company has just launched the Kickstarted crowdfunding campaign for the Enabot EBO X. 

The company is striving to make the household robot commercially available to everyone. With this campaign, it will be one step closer to launch. But what to learn about the upcoming campaign? 

If you can not recall, the Enabot EBO X debuted at CES in 2023. At that event, the household robot got multiple recognitions from the media and industry. 

Enabot EBO X
Source: Enabot

In fact, it went home with “Innovation Awards Honoree” in the CES 2023 event. Enabot got that for both Robotics and Smart Home product categories.

The Enabot EBO X also got “Top Tech of CES 2023 Awards” by Digital Trends and “The Best Smart Home Tech of CES 2023” recognition by PC Mag

And before the crowdfunding campaign launch, Kickstarter editors selected the EBO X as the “Project We Love” selection. But what exactly is the Enabot EBO X? 

Enabot EBO X
Source: Enabot

At the core, it is an advanced home robot that offers superior versatility with its powerful software and hardware. The home robot comes with Alexa and utilizes V-SLAM navigation tech.

However, that is not even the main highlight of the offering. It is an all-around smart home device that features a 4K stabilized camera. 

The camera integrates Color Night Vision, letting it navigate rooms with low ambient light. It even comes with a premium speaker that is customized by Harman AudioEFX.

Enabot EBO X
Source: Enabot

While Enabot EBO X is designed to serve as a guardian with its agile health alert and home security system, it can even act like a playmate or companion for your family. 

The bot has the ability to offer a diverse range of entertainment experiences and can make remote communication easier.

Enabot EBO X relies on an X3M chip to do all the computing tricks and mechanisms. This chip can perform 5 trillion operations per second and is built using a dual-core BPU structure. 

Enabot EBO X
Source: Enabot

With tens of hours of training data, the chip enables the EBO X to quickly create a map of your home with the V-SLAM technology

Thanks to all this tech, the bot can navigate with high precision. The Enabot EBO X also features a premium exterior build. 

It comes with a sturdy frame and has a two-wheeled self-balancing system. Combined, it can maneuver and move around with higher flexibility and accuracy.

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