EU Sets a Deadline for Apple to Switch to USB C

Apple to Switch to USB C

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News regarding making smartphones switch to USB-C for good has been revolving around for quite a while now. 

The standardization came from the European Union. However, till now, the EU did not make any final statements regarding the matter. Well, now, Apple has a deadline!

According to the latest decision, the smartphone giant must manufacture and release all their smartphones with a USB C port from December 27, 2024. That means the smartphone giant needs to let go of its Lightning connector pretty soon.

Apple to Switch to USB C
Source: Apple

As the EU set the deadline in 2024, the brand could still get away by releasing iPhone 15 and 16 series with Lighting connectors. 

Those two are about to release at some point in the year 2023 and 2024. However, after December 2024, Apple needs to shift to USB C.

Does that mean Apple is going to comply? There is a loophole that you should know about! The smartphone giant could make the iPhone 17 completely portless. But will that be possible?

Apple to Switch to USB C
Source: Apple

The charging port is not the first thing that iPhones could take away from regular users’ smartphones. Apple went completely free of the 3.5 millimeters headphone jack from iPhone 7 in 2017. And then, wireless earbuds were not as mature as it was now.

However, wireless chargers are in full action! The company debuted its MagSafe charging with iPhone 12 series in October 2020. Since then, this wireless technology has evolved a lot. 

In fact, many users have already adopted a wireless charger in their homes. This charging method does offer a convenient way to charge the device. And by 2024, it’s sure to become more widespread amount smartphone users.

Apple to Switch to USB C
Source: Apple

But the main question is, can Apple get away by releasing a portless iPhone? It can! The EU law does not specify anything about devices that only charges wirelessly. That means the smartphone giant might not switch to USB C after all.

Wondering how you will be able to transfer data when there is no charging port on your iPhone? There are AirDrop and other wireless data transfer methods available. 

But what about the lightning to 3.5 mm dongle that many audiophiles have been relying on? Well, that’s something you can not get when Apple goes full-on portless on iPhones.

That said, there are rumors about Apple switching to USB C from iPhone 15. These rumors suggested that you could see the USB C port, at least, on the Pro model. 

However, the smartphone giant has yet to announce this officially. So, you should take these rumors with a grain of salt.

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