European Audio Team C-Dur: Luxury Meets Performance

European Audio Team C-Dur

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The European Audio Team C-Dur was recently launched by the Austrian manufacturer. And it is one of the core turntables for the lineup. 

Wondering what makes it so crucial for the lineup of EAT (European Audio Team)? It combines many luxury elements of the premium reference tables of the brand.

But the premium design elements are not the only thing that makes the EAT C-Dur stand out.

European Audio Team C-Dur
C-MAJOR; Source: European Audio Team

The fact that EAT has managed to fit the entire package in a compact footprint and slapped a more accessible price point on it is amazing too.

The European Audio Team C-Dur has a high-mass design. This turntable is at 34.4 lb. And as you can guess, EAT has employed nothing but the best materials for the manufacturing process.

To give you an idea, the foundation of the C-Dur is a massive 50 mm MDF plinth. And the platter of the C-Dur is pretty oversized, standing at 13.5 inches. 

European Audio Team C-Dur
C-MAJOR; Source: European Audio Team

This design choice for the European Audio Team C-Dur takes proper advantage of maximized inertia. And it also allows the turntable to significantly minimize the bearing noise and load.

On the other hand, the Teflon thrust plate of the platter rests on a 3.9 lb inverted bearing assembly. It is held in place with a ceramic ball and stainless steel spindle. 

It also features a fully decoupled motor and a built-in AC generator. Thanks to all these, the European Audio Team C-Dur gets higher overall speed stability and reasonably lower levels of rumble. 

European Audio Team C-Dur
C-SHARP; Source: European Audio Team

The turntable also has an effective decoupling from its surface. There are three damped aluminum feet under the C-Dur. 

And the great part of these damped feet is that they are adjustable. On that note, the feet of the European Audio Team C-Dur are designed to reduce the risk of acoustic feedback

It also gives the turntable the perfect stance. Other than that, there is a high-precision onboard electronic speed control. It features polished aluminum buttons and has integrated LEDs to show the status. 

European Audio Team C-Dur
C-SHARP; Source: European Audio Team

And when it comes to the tonearm, the European Audio Team C-Dur shares the same one as the C-Sharp. It is the 10” C-Note tonearm.

One of the unique features of the C-note is that it has an integrated damper assembly in the bearing housing. There is also a special silicone-based lubricant, which claims to reduce the resonances of the tonearm by 50%.

Lastly, the overall outlook of the housing is a step up from the C-Major. The European Audio team C-Dur comes with a Plum wood version, which delivers a proper luxury finish on the turntable.

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