Exposure Expand its 3510 Series by Releasing Two New Preamplifiers and Power Amps!

Exposure Expand its 3510 Series

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The Exposure 3510 series of HiFi separates did not have that many offerings for HiFi enthusiasts. First came the 3510 integrated amplifiers, which kickstarted the new series. 

And the thing that made this amp stand out is that it packed trickle-down technology. It borrowed the tech from the pricier 5010 series.

But that was way back in 2021. And in this whole year, other than the mono power amp, Exposure did not make any addition to the lineup until now. 

Exposure Expand its 3510 Series
Source: Exposure Hifi

Meet the new 3510 power amplifier and 3510 preamplifiers. These two devices are here to replace the models that were available in Exposure’s 3010 series.

Now, the real question is, what upgrades do they have compared to the 3010 series? Also, how do they compare with the 5010 series? First of all, the preamp has six-line level inputs. 

Exposure has made it possible to swap one of the inputs for an MC or MM phono stage or a plug-in DAC.

For the input source selection, the 3510 preamp boasts high-quality relays. And on the audio output stages, there are discrete transistor class A buffers (1 tape output and 2x main RCA outputs). Overall, the 3510 preamp is a true successor to the 3010 amp from Exposure.

Exposure Expand its 3510 Series
Source: Exposure Hifi

According to Exposure, the hybrid power supply circuit you will find inside the 3510 ensures “very low noise on the supply rails to the gain stage.” 

It aims to reduce any main hum to the minimum level. On the other hand, to reduce the crosstalk, the volume tracking and input switching have been further optimized on the 3510.

Just like the 3510 integrated amplifiers, the 3510 preamp also provides the choice of variable or fixed gain. That means you can set it up as a part of the home cinema system or a standard stereo setup.

Exposure Expand its 3510 Series
Source: Exposure Hifi

So, what about the 3510 stereo power amplifier? It delivers 110 watts of power per channel. That is into 8 ohms and can also be bi-amped with the integrated amplifier of the 3510 series.

According to the brand, it will offer high power outputs at a considerably low distortion rate. The brand also promises enhanced linearity on the input signal and extra smoothening.

Considering all of the features the new devices in the 3510 series bring, you could say that they are sitting pretty comfortably under the 5010 series

Also, the upgrades are making them worthy of replacing the 3010 series. Now, when it comes to whether they will be on the list of the best stereo amplifiers, they surely can! The potential that they hold is truly amazing!

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