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Favorite music streaming services – August 2022

Hand holding up an iPhone with Spotify Streaming Music Services on the screen

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I love nothing than a good poll online to let me know if I’m still using the online services that all the cool kids are using.

I’ve said for years, after trying Apple Music repeatedly, that Spotify still picks better songs for me.

Well, looks like I’m still in with the cool kids.

A recent survey by delocho on twitter resulted in Spotify coming out on top, by a healthy margin.

The results to the question ‘What’s your favorite music streaming service?’ were as follows:

  • Apple Music: 25.9%
  • Spotify: 41.3%
  • YouTube Music: 23.5%
  • Others: 9.3%

I think it’s fair to say this is targeted at the masses and many audiophiles who are predisposed to quality streaming hardware will still be aiming for Tidal or similar.

These might be favorites but in an audiophile world this doesn’t necessarily correlate to the best. Personally, the convenience and algorithms of Spotify means I use them more often than not.

If their algorithms and playlist settings were more on the ball, I’d be happy to change.

What is your favorite streaming service?

While we wait for Spotify to release a lossless HD service it seems like Apple and Tidal will continue to own that space.

Take our poll and see where you’re music tastes land. If we’re missing a service on this poll, add it in the comments below so when we update the poll we can add your favorite music streaming service in the list.

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