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Final Countdown to Black Friday: Yamaha SR-C20A is at Its Lowest Price Ever!

Yamaha SR-C20A

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Good soundbars do not always have to be expensive. And affordable soundbars are not always average. So, when Yamaha released its SR-C20A, everyone was excited about what it could bring. And in short, it offered an excellent value for money, which this deal enhanced even further.

YAMAHA SR-C20A Compact Sound Bar

Enhance vocal frequency range, ensuring you can hear spoken dialogue in your movies and TV shows.

One of the highlights of this soundbar is the design. While most brands are bringing out chunky and large units, Yamaha decided to work on the design and make the SR-C20A as compact as possible. Thanks to that, it easily fits under TVs and blends in with the setup.

However, do not let the compact form factor fool you because the soundbar packs a great subwoofer. Yes, the built-in subwoofer can offer great oomph, which is something you can not generally expect from a small soundbar. 

Yamaha SR-C20A
Source: Yamaha

And combined with the passive radiators, the unit can offer a tremendous amount of bass. The story is pretty much the same for the other drivers. 

They do not fail to offer crisp, well-detailed, and clear overall sound. So, basically, you will not have any complaints about the audio performance.

Not to mention that the soundbar integrates Dolby Audio. This technology enhances the sound quality even further and offers the right level of immersion in the sound. You can dive deep into the music and content with this Yamaha soundbar.

Yamaha SR-C20A
Source: Yamaha

Additionally, Yamaha has integrated Clear Voice technology. That enhances the clarity of dialogues. In other words, understanding the scenes of movies and shows will not be something you will need to struggle with.

Connecting the device with audio sources will be a piece of cake too. For wired connection, you have optical, AUX, and HDMI. And if you want to wireless stream audio to the Yamaha SR-C20A, you have Bluetooth.

You also have the option to wall-mount the soundbar if you want to. Yamaha SR-C20A has built-in keyholes for that. And controlling the parameters of the soundbar will not be an issue either. 

Yamaha SR-C20A
Source: Yamaha

It bundles with the Sound Bar Remote app, through which you can switch sound modes and inputs. Talking of sound modes, you will find four of them. There is a stereo mode, which works great for podcasts and music. 

Then, there is the Standard mode that works flawlessly for TV programs. It also has Game and Movie modes. As the name states, those two are for enhancing the gaming and movie-watching experience.

There is nothing more you can ask for from a soundbar at this price point. And if you like to get the best value, you definitely do not want to wait out on this deal!

YAMAHA SR-C20A Compact Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer and Bluetooth
YAMAHA SR-C20A Compact Sound Bar

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