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What if, while you are gaming and about to make a move, all of a sudden, your device starts lagging, and guess what? You lost the game.

The above statement seems like a nightmare for the gamers as playing games without slow performance, and loading issues is a strong desire of the pro player.

You only need the best RAM for your PC and laptop to avoid all these hassles. So without further ado, let’s dig into the understanding of RAM, its gaming capacity, and much more.

Basic Knowledge of RAM

Without a doubt, you must be familiar with the word RAM, which stands for random access memory. It is a fundamental part that enables PCs to work much faster. The purpose of RAM is to keep data approachable in order to recover it quickly.

Furthermore, applications and games can work effortlessly if your device has adequate RAM because it provides the potential to store more data.

If you upgrade a laptop for gaming or are planning to buy a new gaming PC, then the details below will guide you the best for your RAM requirements:

Ram-You Need For Gaming

“How much RAM does my PC need?”

”Why am I having stuttering issues while playing games?”

“Can I play all games with good RAM?”

Above are some questions that arise when we are concerned about smooth gaming without interruption. RAM depends on the type of game you play and how massive it is. 

For instance, games like Counter-Strike, Fortnite, and League of Legends don’t need huge memory to run; on the other hand, Rainbow Six Siege and PUBG require excessive memory to process.

Now let’s discuss different devices’ memory requirements for gaming.

  • Laptops:

For playing games smoothly on laptops, you need to consider a laptop carrying a good amount of RAM as it enables the laptop to maintain high speed. Additionally, having a GPU with more memory also can be a good idea. The GTX 3050 comes with 8GB and sometimes 12GB of memory, so buying a laptop with the GTX 3050 would be best.

  • Tablets:

Gone are the days when tablets used to come with smaller RAMs and could hardly handle heavy software. Modern tablets contain RAM that varies from 2GB to 16GB, which is best to play games with no hurdles.

  • Desktops:

If you are going to buy a game, always check the game maker’s recommendations for RAM. It will assist you in getting good results.

Read on to find out the handling capacity of different memories.

Is 4GB RAM suitable for gaming or 8GB ideal? Maybe I should consider 16GB for a fine outcome.

Let’s clarify the confusion. 4GB is budget-friendly and can easily run some games, but it would be a great obstacle for you if you want to switch to heavy games. 8GB is recommended as the minimum memory for running high graphical games.

A good rule of thumb is using 16GB RAM for modern-style games. It is a one-time investment that will always prevent your PC from leggings and issues like that. Experts say 16GB is sufficient for almost all types of games.

Note: Some high-memory demanding games require 32GB or 64GB. You must see the visual features of your game before upgrading the memory.

Drawbacks Of Not Having Enough Gaming Memory

What if you don’t upgrade your PC’s RAM?

Then you will have a higher chance of the following problems:

  1. Steady performance: The first thing that may happen for not having the right RAM can be the slow performance of your computer. The game will run slower than usual and cause other functions to affect too.
  2. Lagging problem: Of course, if you don’t have enough RAM, games start loading a lot, and you can figure this out unless you upgrade RAM. Otherwise, loading will kill your excitement about playing a new game.
  3. Stop running: The worst thing that can happen is your game will stop working, and at last, you will have to upgrade your RAM.  
Ram usage Macbook
Ram usage of an Apple MacBook | Make Life CLick

How To Check Memory

There are chances that you don’t have any idea of how much memory your computer has. For this, see if you are a Window user, you have to type in ‘about’ in the Start menu, ‘About Your PC’ will pop up, check ‘Under Device Specifications,’ there you will see ‘Installed RAM,’ you will get to know how much RAM your PC has from here.

And if you are a Mac user, select’ About This Mac, after clicking on the Apple icon in the top left corner.’ Here you will get all specifications of your computer.

A screenshot of the amount of RAM a MacBook has installed.
RAM of Apple MacBook Pro | Make Life CLick

Final Verdict

Hope this article helps you gain a better understanding of the RAM you need for smooth gaming. 4GB RAM is useful, but it may create some problems for high-quality games. 8GB is the best option for many gamers.

For professional gamers, it is always recommended to go with 16GB or more to enjoy the fast speed and excellent visuals.

After learning from this article, I am sure you won’t get any hurdles in playing the game and beating your opponent.


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