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Finding An Incredibly Powerful Balance with Ferrum Erco Headphone Amp and DAC

Finding An Incredibly Powerful Balance with Ferrum Erco Headphone Amp and DAC

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For music lovers, finding the perfect balance of audio in headphone amplifiers can often be a tough find. Either such devices are missing the power of the AMP (amplifier) or the audio signal DAC (digital to analog converter). The good news is that there exists two in one AMP/DAC devices for music lovers to enjoy quality music, and the jewel amongst them is the latest headphone amplifier, the Ferrum Erco Headphone Amp And DAC.

A product of HEM, that develops digital electronic circuits, software, and firmware for multiple high-quality audio brands from Poland, the Ferrum Erco Headphone Amp And DAC is their latest product in fully balancing signals to create pristine, uninterrupted audio. Pronounced as ‘ertso”, the Ferrum Erco Headphone Amp and DAC combination ensures the audio signal path is accurately balanced from the early D/A stage and becomes more stable through the RCA input usage.

Finding An Incredibly Powerful Balance with Ferrum Erco Headphone Amp and DAC
Ferrum Erco is a powerhouse for music lovers.

The company has previously released their Ferrum HYPSOS power supply and the Ferrum OOR headphone amp. Separately, the Ferrum ERCO delivers a straight-up banging performance. The team at HEM encourages that by combining the ERCO with the Ferrum HYPSOS power supply and using the FPL (Ferrum Power Link) for connection, audiophiles can attain the best results for perfect sound balance.

The Ferrum ERCO Headphone Amp and DAC give the user choices between three digital and one analog input. All of which are adjusted for audio, MQA rendering, decoding by the use of an internal ARM processor chip. As both DAC and an amp are required for the best listening experience, the Ferrum Erco has been designed to meet those exact requirements. By using an optimized circuit, it provides an integrated combination of Ferrum mechanics for high-quality DAC.

Furthermore, the device has been designed to provide uncolored sound at a very low distortion and high dynamics. The internal design structure of the Erco emphasizes its ability to give a reproduction of highly transparent sound. The converter from Ferrum integrates a composed amplifier stage by making use of modified integrated circuits.

David Robinson, a reviewer of a Hi-fi Magazine, emphasized that with all the products of Ferrum combined, it is ‘the upgrade path to take if you want to hear what your digital front end can produce’. 

The best thing to get from Poland since amber jewelry, the Ferrum Erco Headphone Amp And DAC bring an intricate yet incredible balance between audio signals, making the product a valuable gem for HEM, and music lovers in general.

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