First-Ever Power Distribution Devices for Speakers Launched by Chord Company

Chord Company

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Chord Company introduces the Chord Company PowerHAUS M6 and S6 power distribution devices. Chord Company is a 38-year-old company headquartered in Wiltshire in a commercial area not far from Stonehenge. 

The day was the ceremony of the first presentation of the new PowerHAUS audiophile-grade power distribution blocks. The PowerHAUS is not inexpensive, but when it comes to good HiFi and making it sing correctly, why not spend a little more on power distribution and do it right, rather than getting cheap, electrically loud extension cables.

If you’re acquainted with the chord firm, you’ll know that its bread and butter are speaker cables and audio cables. However, it has now extended to new terrain, particularly power blocs. The target is to boost your home hi-fi system’s power supply and performance.

The Chord Company has announced two new models, the Powerhaus S6 and its step-up sister, the Powerhaus M6. Both versions are available in both the UK and European requirements.

HAUS is an acronym for Hybrid Array Unfiltered Supply — these six-way blocks utilize a variety of technologies to attempt to reduce any background noise that may be obstructing your listening experience.

The PowerHAUS distribution models are based on original designs and are offered in 2 distinct performance levels: S6 (Studio) and M6 (Master). They are the culmination of one of the company’s longest product development stages, dating all the way back to 2003.

Chord Company’s extensive study revealed that the optimal wiring layout for sound quality eliminated star wiring in favor of three separated bus bars running in parallel, so minimizing contact and hence lowering high-frequency noise.

Both blocks include metal casings and three parallel bus bars to help mitigate the impacts of high-frequency noise. Additionally, the wiring is highly insulated to minimize interference, and internal cables and sockets are chosen for their dependability and sound performance.

The S6 has Chord’s SuperARAY special conductor technology, but the M6 features 3 of the company’s hybrid MainsARAYs in parallel and noise-reducing GroundRay technology. Chord Company said, “Since its inception in 1984, Chord Company has been active in mains distribution as a means of testing, presenting, and showcasing its signal-carrying cables.” The organization has seen a wide variety of cable and wire topologies throughout the years, both professional and one-off designs.

Chord Company

These have ranged from very heavy-duty cables with specialized connections and several filters to hardwiring the machine. These various techniques sometimes resulted in marginal gains, and sadly, a significant number of these designs would violate modern electrical safety laws. Chord Company began developing a distribution system appropriate for household usage by personnel and, eventually, consumers in 2003, utilizing star wire. 

Almost every component within the PowerHAUS is uncompromising in quality and was designed expressly for its intended use. As a result, both the M6 and S6 exclude loud filters, neon power indicators, and switches, which all degrade sound quality.

Images: Chord Company

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