Focal Utopia x DS E-Tense: The Ultimate HiFi-Enabled Concept Car

Focal Utopia DS E-Tense

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Love it or hate it, electric cars are the future and with Focal Utopia in-car audio inside the current electric car concepts, the future of electric cars is looking pretty bright. The car takes inspiration from Formula E motorsports.

But it does not rely heavily on those cars. Instead, the DS E-Tense takes a bold and creative step into the cutting-edge concept car. 

And with the HiFi integration system, the two French brands are going all out. DS E-Tense integrates the special edition of Focal Scala Utopia Evo loudspeakers

Focal Utopia DS E-Tense

And the great part is that the loudspeakers come in the colors of the DS E-Tense! Want to know more about the car that will come with the Focal Utopia in-car system? 

The motorsport-inspired DS E-Tense Performance comes with a 600 KW dual electric motor. It features a carbon shell and four-wheel drive

And the electric prototype is the first even French car that will exceed 800 hp! The powertrain, chassis, and battery each employ innovative solutions. 

Focal Utopia DS E-Tense

And combined with the Focal Utopia HiFi system, the concept car takes in-car audio to the next level. There are a total of nine speakers drivers, which are distributed around the passenger compartment. 

This in-car system of Focal Utopia is positioned to create the ultimate immersive sound experience that you can ever get inside a car.

The hologram grille and flowing lines of the DS E-Tense Performance roar all about performance. And the team took things to the next level with a highly aerodynamic body shape. 

Focal Utopia DS E-Tense

The paintwork comes with an interference coating, which creates an iridescent effect. This effect makes the car stand out a lot from the competition.

On that note, the color perception will vary according to the outdoor lighting condition and the viewing angle. That means you will get a striking contrast effect every time you look at it.

Focal Utopia and DS Automobiles have designed the special edition of Focal Scala Utopia in homage to all these colors. 

Focal Utopia DS E-Tense
Source: Focal

The Scala Utopia Evo loudspeaker features the same colors. And this is an entirely new color option for the flagship loudspeakers in Focal’s flagship range.

The new Scala Evo loudspeaker does not fail to resemble the amazing DS E-Tense car at any level. It imitates the same aerodynamic design and combines the same “bling” outlook that the DS E-Tense comes with.

That means you can get a taste of the DS E-Tense by getting the special edition of the Focal Utopia loudspeaker. And if you ever have the chance to get one, you should not let it go!

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